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  1. jetmonkey

    Dairy of a fat man

    I like cheese.
  2. jetmonkey

    Happy Birthday

    Sean Taylor's murder is five years old today :bday:
  3. jetmonkey

    Boeing Announces Big Layoffs in Defense Division

    Boeing Announces Big Layoffs in Defense Division - US Business News - CNBC
  4. jetmonkey

    I can admit it

    Much like the book I Am Legend, I am the monster, not the monsters :yay: My ideals and the things I value are out of step with the rest of the United States.
  5. jetmonkey

    Who got the list

    Of #### Bronco Bama said he will do in his second term?
  6. jetmonkey

    Just checked my precinct

    I voted against the majority in 79% of the options.
  7. jetmonkey

    Why do people need to vote early?

    Why are you so special that you can't vote on the normal day like everybody else?
  8. jetmonkey

    USAF war on women

    Single mom challenges dismissal from Air Force - "Abortion was never an option, she said, because of her Catholic faith and her personal beliefs." Doesn't the Catholic faith also frown upon premarital sex? :confused:
  9. jetmonkey

    Obama administration lied about Lybia

    Attack on Benghazi Consulate 'Unprecedented,' State Department Official Says - ABC News
  10. jetmonkey

    Eat #### and live

    Little-known fecal transplant cures woman's bacterial infection -
  11. jetmonkey

    Happy Birthday

    Murder of Georgi Markov.
  12. jetmonkey

    Happy Birthday

    Eric Wright
  13. jetmonkey

    Happy Birthday

    Tupac's murder.
  14. jetmonkey

    Maryland kicks ass

    August 28, 2012 Dear Friend, Over the weekend, Stephen Moore, a longtime supporter of the Koch brothers and former President of Republican fundraising group, Club for Growth, penned a borderline fictional op-ed in The Wall Street Journal comparing Governor O’Malley to Virginia’s Governor...
  15. jetmonkey

    Courts delay the inevitable

    Md. court rejects lawsuit challenging redistricting referendum - Washington Times In the long run I don't think it is going to matter. Marylanders will no doubt overwhelmingly approve this redistricting travesty. SUCK IT REPUBLICANS :yay:
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    Mohammed retakes top spot in English baby names

    Mohammed retakes top spot in English baby names – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs This will end well :yay:
  18. jetmonkey

    Deer DeeJay

    Would it be asking too much to have any thread with Obama or Romney in the title moved to the politics section so that I can avoid all the stupidity by dubble-clicking the mark as read icon? Thanks!
  19. jetmonkey

    Why is MSM ignoring this?

    Suspect in Colo church shooting had been in prison - :confused:
  20. jetmonkey

    If I see one more Bain thread...

    I'm going to vote for Romney out of spite. Seriously, you #######s; all the #### that is wrong with Mittens and THIS is what you obsess over? :confused: