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  1. K_Jo

    It's been awhile since I started a thread

    How's everyone doing?
  2. K_Jo


    Are there any around here?
  3. K_Jo

    Happy Birthday, MJ!

    :love: :party: :flowers: :shortbus:
  4. K_Jo

    Thanks for the Information, Pete!

    You were right. "Be Good Johnny Weir" is indeed on the Sundance channel at 10:00 tonight! :yahoo: Thanks!!! :love:
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  6. K_Jo

    Happy Anniversary to ME!

    Today is my 6-year forum anniversary! You're welcome! :yahoo:
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  8. K_Jo

    Gallant Green Bar

    Who's been there? Is it a nice place? Is there a DJ? Would it be suitable for an event such as a wedding reception or high school reunion? Do they brew their own beer? :snacks:
  9. K_Jo

    American Flag Underpants

    What's the proper way to dispose of tattered American flag boxers? Do they have to be burned? :confused:
  10. K_Jo

    Buddy Lee is SOOOOOOO handsome!

    And footsome! :hot:
  11. K_Jo


    I love you.
  12. K_Jo


    Which thread is the Official Otter Birthday Thread? Is it this one? :party:
  13. K_Jo

    New in Town

    starring Renee Schmellschmwegger :boo: Make it stop! :cds:
  14. K_Jo


    You must be super excited!! :clap: :nerd: New, superheavy element to enter periodic table - Yahoo! News
  15. K_Jo

    I Need Deck

    Who's the best deck guy in Calvert?
  16. K_Jo

    Catt, I forgot to tell you...

    Baby MJ can say "Meow." :smile:
  17. K_Jo

    Tips for Air Travel with an Infant

    Who's got some good ones to share? :snacks: Maybe it will be helpful to know she'll be 11 months old when we fly, she's on formula, she'll be sitting on our laps, not in her car seat, and it's a 5 hour, non-stop flight. Discuss.
  18. K_Jo

    Ryan and Dick or Carson Daly?

  19. K_Jo

    Toot Toot!

    I ran my first 5K this morning. :clap: I did the Jingle Bell Run in Solomons. It was cold and it was awesome! I'd never run any Ks before, and today I ran 5 of them! :yahoo: My friend, Kim, is an awesome motivator. She stayed with me the whole way and kept me moving. :love: OK, I'm...
  20. K_Jo


    Has anyone tried this? InStyler® Rotating Hot Iron Hair Straightener