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  1. PrepH4U

    Called for an interview - PSA

    I feel the need to put this out there as there as a PSA. It has come to my attention that a Company is advertising for an Aerospace Mechanical Engineer here on somd. People please make sure if you are contacted for an interview that you ask them what the current work backlog is. How long current...
  2. PrepH4U

    Horses sentenced to a concentration camp? Improper shelter for horses, pony alleged I was wondering why no one in the horse forum has not addressed this issue. Is this just a bogus article? IMO it sounds like it was too many horses on a little more than 1/2 acre. :whistle: And this was a rescue?????
  3. PrepH4U

    New recall

    Kasel Recalls Multiple Brands of Dog Treats Due to Salmonella February 20, 2013 – According to an updated FDA news bulletin, Kasel Associated Industries is voluntarily recalling all products manufactured at its Denver, CO facility from April 20, 2012 through September 20, 2012 due to...
  4. PrepH4U

    Found dog

    Older black retriever found on Flat Iron Road. He is not microchipped. Please help him get home.
  5. PrepH4U

    Found Dog

    Found sweet black retriever male. Not chipped, was found running down the middle of Flat Iron Road. We need to find his home. Did I mention he is sweet? I am having to keep him in garage because of my psycho old male. But he loves little dogs and is not food agressive at all.
  6. PrepH4U

    Thank you SMECO & all EMS personnel

    Thanks SMECO you rock, I don't expect to keep power but it is sure nice to have it back on for a bit!
  7. PrepH4U

    Shelters to open in St. Mary's!/SouthernMDWxNews SHELTER ALERT: (ST MARY'S COUNTY) Leonardtown High School and Great Mills High School will be opening up as Shelters at 12PM Tomm. Pets can be brought to the St. Mary's County Fairgrounds. Reading this post they said that volunteers...
  8. PrepH4U

    Another dog treat recall

    Boots and Barkley Bully Stick Dog Treats Recall Boots and Barkley Bully Sticks Dog Treats Recall by Mike Sagman September 21, 2012 – Kasel Associated Industries of Denver, CO is voluntarily recalling its Boots and Barkley American Beef Bully Sticks product because it may be...
  9. PrepH4U

    Where is the fire?

    Anyone know where the brush fire is? Just heard on the scanner, listing all the units involved, St. Marys, Calvert & Charles unit. Lots of brush, jeep, utility trucks & gators involved. Heard them mention approx 82 personnel. I think I heard Valley Lee command and also blake creek but am not...
  10. PrepH4U

    Dog food recall

    Diamond Pet Foods of Atlanta Recalling Dry Dog Food sold in Md., Va., 10 other states | ATLANTA (AP) - Diamond Pet Foods is voluntarily recalling its Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice dry dog food because it may be contaminated with salmonella. A statement from the company Friday...
  11. PrepH4U

    Bus accident

    Bus accident @ Mechanicsville rd & Budds creek/chapitco. Kids on board, St. Marys board of ed enroute. Some injured - 9 ambulances dispatched. Trooper 7 dispatched for one patient 9 needing transport 2 from a car thats was involved
  12. PrepH4U

    Good Morning!

    Stay safe out there! :huggy:
  13. PrepH4U

    pssst David

    Your hurricane thread is great! I think you have a typo unless CC requires their mobile homes to be on wheels. :whistle: If you leave in a mobile home, plan to leave.
  14. PrepH4U

    Here is something to make you loose your supper

    Nigerian 'baby factory' raided, 32 teenage girls freed - Yahoo! News LAGOS (AFP) – Nigerian police have raided a home allegedly being used to force teenage girls to have babies that were then offered for sale for trafficking or other purposes, authorities said on Wednesday. "We stormed the...
  15. PrepH4U

    Dog crawls back to his distroyed home

    What a neat story :yahoo: Dog with two broken legs finds owner after storm - Yahoo! News Dog with two broken legs finds owner after storm A scruffy Alabama terrier mix named Mason was whisked away by fierce twisters last month, prompting his owners, who lost their home in the storm...
  16. PrepH4U

    How cool is this?

    It's a very Merry Christmas for this family Animal Shelter Reunites Family with Lost Dog from Virginia - Southern Maryland News, Charles County, Calvert County and St. Mary's County News Animal Shelter Reunites Family with Lost Dog from Virginia 12/15/2010 Willie Wonka is a Clumber...
  17. PrepH4U

    JPC is at it again! A vulgar memorial attempting to resurrect their vile racism Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010 I feel it is necessary to point out that Point Lookout has since 1910 had a respectful memorial to the rebels that died at the Civil...
  18. PrepH4U

    Peppers Pet Pantry

    The St. Mary's location is now open, I went on a hunch this afternoon to try and get our dog food :yahoo: :cartwheel She is still stocking & unpacking goodies but is open. I am so happy that we will now have a place closer to get all our food and treats! Here's hoping their new location will...
  19. PrepH4U

    What scum

    This story really bothered me when it was posted earlier today, glad to see they updated and three have now been arrested. Read the comments! :lol: Authorities in St. Mary's County are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at a residence in Park Hall shortly before 11:30 a.m. on...
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    Hey I talked to somebody that knows you, hope you finally got your prescription filled! Heres some smilies for you! :killingme:killingme:killingme:killingme:killingme:killingme:killingme:killingme:killingme:killingme