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  1. Charles

    SOMDracing Imposters

    That junker wouldn't stand a chance against my Smart Car with the Bissel blower
  2. Charles

    SOMDracing Imposters

    Do you kids still hang out in the Target parking lot?
  3. Charles

    SOMDracing Imposters

    Will you take a Cranapple Red V12 DeLorean in trade?
  4. Charles

    SOMDracing Imposters

    :bs: You knocked the door off when the old lady was getting out of her car.
  5. Charles

    walmart on black friday

    How did Black Friday go in Philadelphia? With the possible exception of the Taliban, they are the meanest people on Earth.
  6. Charles

    walmart on black friday

    You have my heartfelt sympathy.
  7. Charles

    SOMDracing Imposters

    Shouldn't you dimwit children be in the Target parking lot about now?
  8. Charles

    Water Pressurein the Ranch Club

    Those dimwit children of somdracing should hold a fund raiser to pay for the fire hydrant.
  9. Charles

    Disrespectful teens...

    WOMAN??? What's a woman doing in 11th grade?
  10. Charles

    Stimulus Package

    Quote: Originally Posted by czygvtwkr You do realize that the President does not have this sort of power, that would be a bad thing. Also if there was a maximum price cap and if the company made no money off it they wouldn't make it any more and we would have no gas. The so called...
  11. Charles

    Obama and the economy

    Lighten up......your tampax is in crooked.
  12. Charles


    How much is your trailer insured for?
  13. Charles

    Stimulus Package

    The relocation expenses were not deductable?
  14. Charles

    Bigfoot defense

    That's Bill Gates.
  15. Charles

    Cove Point Playground accident 3/15/08

    View Event - March 28, 2008
  16. Charles

    WaWA's new gas sign........

    CJ's in Lusby gets you in the store by not giving receipts at the pump.
  17. Charles


    What were you doing at the end of Great Mills Road and then at the Sheriff's office?:whistle:
  18. Charles

    Accident on Route 4

    That is unusual in any weather. It's normally around 70 at the plant but doesn't get to 80 until Waysons.
  19. Charles

    Suspect in Fla. Police Shooting Killed

    You better be careful, a lot of people on this forum can't even spell sarcazum much less understand it.
  20. Charles

    Pool Hall?

    Here's a few: