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  1. stgislander

    Analog Rules!

    It's amazing where YouTube's rabbit holes will lead you to. I stumbled on this video last evening celebrating the 50th Anniversary (Oct 2014) of the Moog Modular Synthesizer. In this digital world we now live in, there is still a place for analog.
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    Washington Football Team Fined $10M

    What do you have to say @MrSnyder?
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    Recycling Quandry

    I'm writing this as I look at a garbage bag stuffed full of shredded office paper. Many businesses (and individuals) have shredders to shred important papers. So can these businesses dump this shredded paper in the recycling container at the local transfer stations? Well if it is SMC it...
  4. stgislander

    DOJ Suing GA over Election Laws
  5. stgislander

    Gordon moving to the HMS Front Office

    Goodbye Fox gig.
  6. stgislander

    Large Alligator caught, Killed in Calvert

  7. stgislander

    Looking for a website.

    A few months back, somebody posted in a thread a link to a website with interactive maps where you could drill down to a piece of property where it would not only give you basic info, but even tell you who owned the property. I don't remember if it was a Census Bureau, MD State, or local SMC...
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    Predicting Rouge Waves
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    Memorial Day

    I don't mean to start a flame war, but am I the only one that gets a little torqued because somewhere along the way, Memorial Day has become a conglomeration of Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Armed Forces Day? And I'm saying this as a veteran.
  11. stgislander

    Where to Find...?

    My wife and I were sitting at Sonic on Sunday (every now and then you just want a fool long chilli and cheese coney :lol:) talking about what we'd like to eat that we haven't had in a long time. I told her that it's been forever since I had a Monte Cristo sandwich. Is there anywhere in SMC or...
  12. stgislander

    Collapse of a Mouse Utopia

    I just stumbled across this interesting article about the rise and fall of a mouse utopia. It makes you wonder about governmental and environmental planners trying to push everyone back into urban areas...
  13. stgislander

    Next Gen Finally Arrives
  14. stgislander

    BCBS Class Action Settlement

    Has anybody else received an email notice about being included in a class action settlement against BCBS? I would think if this is true, the notice would come by snail mail. Truthfully when it comes to BCBS, nothing would surprise me. They do have an official looking website...
  15. stgislander

    Another School Shooting

    My hometown paper is reporting a school shooting in Knoxville TN. No details yet except the school has been secured.
  16. stgislander

    For the Physics and Math Nerds

    Nah... I think I'll major in Gender Studies instead.
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    Something big just went boom in the Piney Point area. Shook the whole building. I immediately exclaimed, "What did Gilligan do now?"
  18. stgislander

    MLB takes stand on GA voting law.

    Way to go MLB That will show them. :sarcasm:
  19. stgislander

    Happy Birthday Wi Hahn!

    Happy birthday @Wi Hahn. :bday: :party: Anything special planned?
  20. stgislander

    NASCAR COVID Sniffing Dogs

    Who knew dogs could sniff out people with Covid.