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  1. FancyBelle

    Yahoo mail

    Anybody having any trouble receiving yahoo mail or having trouble bringing up the page?
  2. FancyBelle


    Has anyone bought the Neat Archiving System? I am seriously considering buying it. Talk me out of it.
  3. FancyBelle

    WHAT? Nobody likes BAJA????

    Nobody gonna wish Baja a happy birthday? :cds: OK, I will then. :thewave::bdaycake::singer::party::party::party:
  4. FancyBelle

    Take a look at this!

    Look what my crazy cat did to his scratching toy!
  5. FancyBelle

    Happy Birthday Miggy!

    Have a great day today! :cartwheel: :cartwheel:bdaycake: :bdaycake::thewave: :thewave::party::party::bday::cartwheel: :thewave: :bdaycake:
  6. FancyBelle

    Hey Kwillia

    Love seeing your house last nite. Hey everybody, believe it or not, this is Kwillia's kitchen drawer!!
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    Happy Birfday lil bro. :buddies:You really didn't think I'd forget did you? :dye:You make the reservations for next Friday?
  8. FancyBelle

    2 Brazilian

    The Dept of Defense briefed the President this morning. They told President Obama that 2 Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq . To everyone's surprise, he collapsed onto his desk, head in his hands, visibly shaken, almost in tears. Finally, he composed himself and asked, "Just how...
  9. FancyBelle

    Make Up

    Do any of you know anyone that does make up on the bride for a wedding?
  10. FancyBelle

    Collective Bargaining?

    Anyone on here actually a member of a union or a collective bargaining unit? Pros/Cons? If the higher eschelong in your company were going to cut your benefits/holidays/salaries, wouldn't you be seeking someone to speak out for you to try to protect those things. When you are hired, you are...
  11. FancyBelle

    What do you do with....

    My hubby wears uniforms and they bring him clean ones every week. I used to send the hangers back for him to give to the company, but he "says" they won't take them anymore. I have hundreds of hangers. What can I do with them instead of throwing them away? Will vintage values take them?
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    Has anybody heard that they have released coyotes in the Southern part of St. Marys to curb the deer population?
  13. FancyBelle


    Anybody going to the Blue Crabs opening weekend this weekend?:yahoo:
  14. FancyBelle

    Fruit and Nut Easter Candy

    Has anybody seen any fruit and nut easter candy? Have looked for the last two yrs and can't find it anymore, only pnut butter, buttercream or coconut!
  15. FancyBelle

    Realm Estate Agents

    Real Estate Agents OK, so if you don't know any real estate agents in St. Mary's, and need one, how do you go about finding one? Do you just look in the paper and see who looks good, or do you interview them or what? If one is real popular, I'd be afraid they would push their bigger and better...
  16. FancyBelle

    Calling all Crochet/knitters

    The next group is scheduled for Jan 12 and Jan 26. Is that suitable for everyone on do we want to try to do it one Tuesday a month? I need to check w/Leonardtown gal to see if the third Tuesday of the month is good for a while. That's easier to remember. Let me know who's in and who's not.
  17. FancyBelle

    Happy Birfday to Sanchezf!!

    :yahoo::party::bday: :bday::banana::thewave: :banana::party: :cheers::alkies:
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    I had to share this!

    Thanks Tazzman YouTube - A doggy Christmas surprise - Karácsonyi kutyás meglepetés
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    Empty your PM inbox so I can fill it up again. :whistle:
  20. FancyBelle

    Turtle Eggs

    While blowing leaves yesterday, I seemed to have uncovered a pile of turtle eggs. They were under a bunch of mulch. I thought their eggs only needed about 60 days and they were born in the spring? Anybody know anything about turtle eggs? I think it's just a box turtle.