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    List the forumites who've disappeared...

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    Notary Public

    I think it was October 2004 new law was enacted regarding settlements that included title insurance. Witness settlements are no longer allowed when the deal involves title insurance. Therefore, you have a hard time finding a notary that will execute the documents. Good luck.
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    Snow is on the way

    Make sure your Gutter's are clean and free of debri . If you need Help send a email.
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    Oh Jwwb!!!

    :killingme the two butt bodies
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    this whole forum and every one on here needs rehab.
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    wow you just might know also
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    play time Lets play
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    Gun freedom/taxes

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    Grass Cutting

    lazy na not me , :blahblah:
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    Grass Cutting

    I just got my grass cut for $35.00 :dance:
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    Coke or Pepsi?

    A&W please