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  1. jetmonkey

    Dairy of a fat man

    Awww... :frown:
  2. jetmonkey

    Dairy of a fat man

    I like cheese.
  3. jetmonkey

    Getting along with the Ex

    None of my exes like me :yay:
  4. jetmonkey

    Washington Post Shocked

    It's called a pyramid scheme, or Ponzi scheme, and they are illegal. Unless you are the government. Then they are legal :yay:
  5. jetmonkey

    Gym that caters only to fat people

    That sounds like a great place to meet fat chicks :yay:
  6. jetmonkey

    Good To Have Friends

    you are the 1%
  7. jetmonkey

    Jeans that fit

    Your butt has a butt :yay:
  8. jetmonkey

    Jeans that fit

    Sounds like you are looking for Mom Jeans
  9. jetmonkey

    A $12 Minimum Wage in Retail?

    Or to acquire some marketable skills so you can increase your earning potential :yay:
  10. jetmonkey

    Today's Dear Abby...

    exactly this is a lie
  11. jetmonkey

    British Children Are Put on End-of-Life Plan

    I saw You Don't Know Jack in a theater; thought it was very well done.
  12. jetmonkey

    Obamas' Hawaiian Holiday Plans: $4mil+

    "But a $4M+ Hawaii junket is not that point" :yay:
  13. jetmonkey

    50% Of Wives Say spouse isn’t Best Sex they’ve had

    You're doing it wrong :yay:
  14. jetmonkey

    Disregard American-ness, Maleness, Whiteness

    That will be $176,707, please.
  15. jetmonkey

    Talk me down

    Is that what the kids are calling it these days :confused:
  16. jetmonkey

    Talk me down

    You are the 1% :yay:
  17. jetmonkey

    Dear Abby: My wife used to.....

    I stand by my assessment, yet I also agree that the entire column is probably fake :yay: