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  1. JeJeTe

    Stitch Fix

    Anyone love it, hate it, never heard of it?
  2. JeJeTe

    Blake and Miranda...Divorcing. This saddens me....I like both of them...
  3. JeJeTe

    So...what are you reading lately?

    I'm curious as to if anyone has found some good titles they want to recommend. :smile:
  4. JeJeTe


    Any place to buy sod in St. Mary's, Calvert, etc?
  5. JeJeTe

    Picaroon Rum

    So I was on the Eastern Shore this weekend and bought a bottle of this rum as a gift. It's distilled in on Kent Island. I grabbed it and went because I was in a hurry and then forgot to go pack and get another bottle for home. So I'd like a bottle but don't want to go back to the Eastern...
  6. JeJeTe

    Places to Eat in Baltimore

    We are going up to Baltimore for a show on Saturday night.....any recommendations on places to eat up there beforehand?
  7. JeJeTe

    Wavy, frizzy, hair

    So that best describes my hair when I let it air dry. Does anyone have a good wave/curl cream or beachy waves spray they use that they let air dry on their hair?
  8. JeJeTe

    Newbie Landlord

    So as someone who is potentially becoming a landlord for the first time and renting their house out...any suggestions? I know some people who do it different ways so I didn't know if anyone had any tips.
  9. JeJeTe

    My Fitness Pal and FitBit

    I just realized I could sync the two for exercise and calorie counting. I'm in love with technology!
  10. JeJeTe

    "5 Reasons Why Marriage Doesn't Work Anymore"

    This has been making it's rounds on FB. It's an eye opening read.....
  11. JeJeTe

    Favorite Easter Candy

    There is a bunch of candy only available at this time of the year. What's your favorite? Mine is the Cadbury Mini Eggs in the purple bag. I could eat all of them in one sitting. Which is why I gave candy up for Lent. So I wouldn't. :ohwell:
  12. JeJeTe

    Musty Smell

    So question.....I came home from being gone for a few days to a horrible, musty smell in the house. It seems strongest in the kitchen but the smell can't be pinpointed on what exact place it's coming from. About a month ago, I was gone for a few days and left the faucet dripping becuase it...
  13. JeJeTe

    Ramshead in Annapolis

    Anyone watched a concert there? We are going Thursday night and it's my first time there. I've heard the food was good but that's about it.
  14. JeJeTe

    RV Campgrounds

    Any suggestions on great campsites for kids that have RV spaces? Looking around in a couple hour drive radius. TIA!
  15. JeJeTe

    Nitrogen Fill Up

    I have nitrogen in my tires and I got a low tire pressure warning this morning. I'm assuming due to the extreme temps. I was trying to avoid going back to the dealer because of the wait so does anyone know if there is a nitrogen fill up spot in St. Mary's?
  16. JeJeTe

    Blow Out

    So I always have the intention that when I blow dry my hair I'm going to use a natural bristle brush and go over every part of my hair with and give myself and nice, pretty, bouncy blow out. However, about 5 minutes into this process I'm over it, go get my vent brush and just try to get it...
  17. JeJeTe

    Chicken Recipe with "Marry Me" Juices

    Is this a thing?
  18. JeJeTe


    I woke up one morning last week with the room spinning and me nauseous. The dr said it's vertigo from the fluid in my ears from the strep I had the week before. Anybody had this before? How long does it take to go away? Anything you take for it?
  19. JeJeTe

    Parents Turned Their Kids in for Burglary....
  20. JeJeTe

    According to ProFlowers...

    it's National Romance Month.... You're welcome, people. Who comes up with this stuff?