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    ISO contractor

    Called Roofing By George and they came out to look at it already. Thanks.
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    ISO contractor

    Several weeks ago a storm gave my house and shed some wind damage, I'm looking for a general contractor that can give me an estimate for a new roof etc. If you hve someone you've used personally and was happy with their work please PM me. Thanks
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    Sewing Machine Recommendation

    The Sew Vac place has been cleaning and fixing my sewing machines and sergers for years, he does a good job, they run great and mine are in constant use. I will say though he doesn't seem to be a people person but then I want my machines to run properly and I don't want a new BFF :] I have...
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    art teachers?

    sorry I didn't think about that
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    art teachers?

    If there are any art teachers out there [daycare, 4H, whoever] I started a group on facebook called Art-ery for reusing art supplies. Most of it is free, some at low cost. Anybody can post once they join, if you are selling, giving away or looking for art supplies.
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    speaking of metrocast

    I just got an email from them saying my payment was declined and I needed to re enter my credit card info. Since I don't pay with a card it's a scam. I just thought I'd let you know, I reported to Atlantic Broadband. Just don't want anyone to get caught up in it
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    art teachers?

    Sent you a message
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    art teachers?

    Are there any school art teachers on here?
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    ISO Information Adult three Wheel Bike

    I see them sometimes when I'm biking on the rail trail. Before we buy one we really want to try it out and see of it works.
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    ISO Information Adult three Wheel Bike

    I am looking to buy/borrow an adult three wheel bike similar to the one in the picture. I have a family member that is a recent arm amputee and is itching to go bike riding with me. I don't want to buy a new one until we try it and see if it works So if you have one sitting around please send me...
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    Felting classes in Leonardtown

    Whoo Hoo! This Sunday June 10 from 1-4:30 is the Open Felting Studio at New View Fiberworks! While this is not a class it is a good time to meet other felters and trade tips and ideas. If you are new to wet felting and just want to try it I'll show you how to make some beautiful flowers! Cost is...
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    October classes at Fuzzy Farmers

    Yes I asked a while ago if I could post them Oct 8th 1-4:30 is an open wet felting studio, this is an afternoon to trade tips and techniques with other felters. If you want to try felting this is an opportunity to do a simple project. For $20 you have the use of our tables, plastic, tools and...
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    What is SOMD rocks?

    because it makes people smile when they find one. Because it puts art and good energy out into the world. Because it leads to people interacting, from families painting the rocks to people finding them. They might just look up from their phones. :] Because sometimes we forget that it is...
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland for anyone with some extra cash laying around....
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    Drop spindle class

    Mark your calendar! This Saturday! Introduction to the Drop Spindle Learn how much fun it is to turn fiber into yarn using a drop spindle. Will be held in the Fuzzy Farmers on the square in Leonardtown MD, August 19th, 12-1:30. Class includes a Kromski spindle and fiber. Class size is limited...
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    I'll admit the first time the IRS scam left a message it gave me quite a jolt. But then I realized it was a scam. The one with the British accent cracks me up, because you know it's real with that posh upper crust voice.
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    I don't have caller ID on that phone, that is the number he gave me. Spammers must have a way of keying into the caller ID, the first time he called and I said he was NOT with SMECO he told me to check my caller ID. Which is not on that phone. Must be using the annonamizer thing. Just makes me...
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    Do people still fall for this stuff? SMECO just called on my business phone to tell me there is a problem with my last payment and they are going to cut off service if I don't pay now. I told him he was full of crap, he hangs up. Calls right back on the same line, give me the same spiel, only...
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    art/craft classes

    The Fuzzy Farmers in Leonardtown has some events coming up this month. Open Studio for Wet Felting Sunday July 9th from 1-4:30. We supply the tables and the tools, you bring the inspiration! This is not a class but an instructor will be available to help you. It's a great time to talk, share...
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    commuter parking

    Is there a bus or van that runs to DC on the corner of Cove Point RD and HG Truman RD? I know there is a parking lot.