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    Tech’s Titans Tiptoe Toward Monopoly

    Hopefully Amazon be sending people over to do my dishes.
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    5:2 diet

    I've did the 5:2 diet and was not a big fan. The incentive of eating whatever I wanted for 5 days and then "fasting" after that drove me haywire. I felt a HUGE urge to eat like crazy on my non-fasting days at first but it did get better when I forced myself to be more regimented. To do that, I...
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    New Food Slicer

    Similar experience. Most of the grocery counters I go to will slice up whatever meat I need if it is not sliced up already. Can you use yours to slice potatoes? You can always scallop them or make tornado potato skewers.
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    Home School...

    There seems to be a wide range of outcomes in the home schooling families that I have come across over the years...
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    Instant Pot stuff

    It's a pretty amazing contraption. I've used it to make whole chicken the way I used to do it with a slow cooker. The pressure can help speed up the process if you are in a pinch for time.
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    NFL's new policy on national anthem

    It's a business decision after all... too many people watch the NFL who do not approve of the practice
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    I'm Back from Vacay!

    The all-inclusive experience really is worth the extra money. Being able to relax, order what you want whenever you want it, and not get nickel and dimed while you are doing it is a great feeling