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  1. acommondisaster

    2019 Hummingbird Tread

    I've got Japanese Iris in front of the house - I've had rubies all week in the iris.
  2. acommondisaster

    2019 Hummingbird Tread

    Any tips on ant traps? My feeder is full of ants.
  3. acommondisaster

    Chilis in Waldorf closed?

    Last time I was in BM, the restaurant needed a good thorough pressure washing. That was probably 6 years ago; probably hasn't gotten any better.
  4. acommondisaster

    Rescreening porch?

    If he's filthy rich, he wouldn't be complaining about Long's pricing - especially since his time is so valuable.
  5. acommondisaster

    We have more damn snacks in this country

    I miss pudding pops.
  6. acommondisaster

    American Parenting Fail: 3 in 5 Millennials super stressed!

    We had a renter a few years back who called us about 8 months into her lease to tell us she wouldn't be paying the rent anymore because having to pay bills caused her to have stress. When my husband told her having a deadbeat renter caused us to have stress and she'd have to move out, she let...
  7. acommondisaster

    Pet of the Week: Meet Dobby!

    OMG he's gorgeous. Does he get along with other dogs?
  8. acommondisaster

    New rules for gold crows

    Geez....the trophies for participation generation has invaded the Navy. No more 12 years of consecutive good conduct to get the gold.
  9. acommondisaster

    Luantics, right next door. And police are minutes away....

    Nearly all of the best forum entertainment has left the building.
  10. acommondisaster

    Monday Poll

    It would depend on which county.
  11. acommondisaster

    Seclusion & Restraint in Calvert County Public Schools

    When our low-functioning special needs daughter started school she was in a "special school". PT, OT, Speech Therapists, etc were all there to meet the needs of the students. It was a tight knit community with our own Parent/Teacher organization that could revolve around the needs of "our"...
  12. acommondisaster

    Home Central Vacuum Sevice

    Central vacuum systems are awesome. I swore I'd never have another house without one, once I had one. But with everyone moving away from having carpet, I imagine it's a tough business to be in. I wonder if a plumber would do the job for you?
  13. acommondisaster

    St. Mary's Co. UPDATE: Police Pursuit-Motor Vehicle Collision

    Where's the video everyone was talking about in the smnewsnet?
  14. acommondisaster

    Home Central Vacuum Sevice

    Ours was brushes and bearings when it was arcing and sparking. I forget what online company we ordered the parts from - we've used centralvac . com and thinkvacuums for parts, bags and filters in the past. Centralvac has answered questions for me via the phone.
  15. acommondisaster

    Who has experience in liquidating an estate??

    Porcelain dolls are tough to "get rid of". It's a shame, for those who spent a fortune on those things thinking they'd increase in value, to see them in GW and Salvation army for a few bucks. You nearly have to give them away. Avon collectibles still sell, but not at a high price. If you're...
  16. acommondisaster

    Thank You

    It's cute.
  17. acommondisaster

    Dog Adoptions

    So glad to hear about the happy ending! Rescuing a dog in need, and getting all that love they have is just the most rewarding thing in the world. Here's a wish for a long and happy companionship! i do have a question - I've got 3 rescure chihuahuas. I understand the breed and they seem to...
  18. acommondisaster

    It Really Snows in Russia

    Wow...I wonder where that is. I spent just short of a month in Moscow one winter. It was dark most of the day - and snowing. Light snow, constantly, just small flakes slowly falling, which was good, because it meant that it wasn't beastly cold and it covered up all the ugliness that comes...