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  1. Bay_Kat

    Who was the most famous person you ever shaked hands with?

    Darius Rucker but he was with Hootie and the Blowfish then, may 7 years ago or so.:ohwell:
  2. Bay_Kat

    Trump Announces His Run For POTUS

    Didn't like him before, now I really don't like him. Wish he'd just shut up and go away.
  3. Bay_Kat

    Trump Announces His Run For POTUS

    I'm so stealing this.:lmao:
  4. Bay_Kat

    Nhl 2014/15

    Grrr. But the better team won. Congrats to them.
  5. Bay_Kat

    Jurrasic World

    Going to see it tonight at the drive in with a bunch of friends, the second movie is San Andreas, should be a fun night. Glad to hear someone say it was good, a few said no way compared to the first.
  6. Bay_Kat

    World's Sexiest Math Teacher

    Oh dang.
  7. Bay_Kat

    NYT...clueless again.

    I'm just glad they are worried, they wouldn't be digging like that if they weren't skeered.
  8. Bay_Kat

    Tractor Tricks The video is a little long, but pretty cool.
  9. Bay_Kat

    Windows 10

    I'm going to upgrade. My daughter who is an absolute nerd doesn't like many OS's, but says this one is a really good one. She tried it in Beta and really liked it. I've got my reservation in.
  10. Bay_Kat

    BIG crabs

    Maybe it's the year of the big crab. We picked up 3 dozen today and they were all good size, one was huge. My husband steamed them and they were better than any we've ever gotten down here. $15 a dozen here, not too bad.
  11. Bay_Kat

    Not Your Father's Root Beer

    I found it at Walmart today, 2 bucks cheaper than the liquor store.
  12. Bay_Kat

    and so it starts .....

    I don't know about you, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that's all they got, wonder which one will have the unpaid library fines.:lmao:
  13. Bay_Kat

    Not Your Father's Root Beer

    Can you tell it's alcohol? The ones we have you can't tell at all.
  14. Bay_Kat

    Not Your Father's Root Beer

    This stuff was over 11.00 a six pack, won't buy it often. If you remember the name of the stuff you had and if it was under 11 a six pack, let me know. TIA
  15. Bay_Kat

    New Restaurant in Jaspers Building

    I've only had brick oven pizza once in Atlantic City and remember it being the best pizza I've ever had. We're doing an event on June 13th at a place called The Pizza Joint and it's brick oven and I'm so looking forward to trying it. I've heard it's the best pizza in the county and that's where...
  16. Bay_Kat

    Who do people say you look like?

    I don't see it, but I don't see it from a guy's point of view.
  17. Bay_Kat

    Who do people say you look like?

  18. Bay_Kat

    Who do people say you look like?

    yes she is, but I can't think of anyone she looks like
  19. Bay_Kat

    Who do people say you look like?

  20. Bay_Kat

    Delivering bad news at work

    Shoot the messenger mentality.