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    masking up again???

    Charles & PG Counties have mask mandates again
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    Can you believe this sht is going on?

    Just think Sodom and Gomorrah, seems like that is where we are headed as a Country
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    Greg Abbott is my hero

    If this is our choice I will vote for Ronald Reagan
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    New Biden K-12 Plan Will Cancel Sports For Nearly 83 Percent Of Counties

    Which begs the question why are the Repubs not returning the favor by filing lawsuits? Because we suck I guess!!
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    Knife sharpening set up

    Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition - You can even get it from the Snap On man
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    Calvert Co. Speed Limits in Solomons to be Lowered Beginning Jan. 19

    This should be a very prosperous move for both the County & State
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    Coronavirus vaccine could kill 50 million Americans in coming years

    He is the one that started operation warp speed!! Just that easy...LOL
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    Instant Pot chuck roast, carrots, and potatoes

    We put it all in the Instant Pot and cook for 90 minutes and it's been perfect!! Good Luck
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    Down goes Leland Vittert

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    Reloading components

    Been waiting 8 weeks for the bullets to show up. We were all over NW GA and Eastern TN in early September and there is nothing available.
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    Reloading components

    No one has small pistol primers available, they haven't been available for a few months.
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    There must be a reckoning for the destructive Left

    He should put General Flynn in charge of the NSA, CIA & FBI. Put them all under one umbrella. I'm still holding out hope for Barr & Durham.
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    OMG they JUST had a freaking hearing yesterday

    Trump and Border Patrol need to take their millions of followers over to Parler after the election. Hit them where it counts
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    Aikman, Buck diss military during hot mic moment

    Just one more reason not to watch!!!!
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    ACB hearings

    WTF is it with Delaware anyway. Don't they have anyone available to run that has an IQ higher than their shoe size? Careful there have you ever heard our Maryland Senators? They aren't any better
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    Pickup trucks are deliberately designed to intimidate and kill pedestrians

    That's why I bought mine, still waiting to try it out!!