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    You cannot make this up

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    Hey - over here - this is really good I promise

    Carlo Maria Viganò is an archbishop of the Catholic Church who served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 19 October 2011 to 12 April 2016. He previously served as Secretary-General of the Governorate of Vatican City State from 16 July 2009 to 3 September 2011. He is best known for...
  3. Dakota

    FBI/Police Rally in DC Today

    :roflmao:‘Do you see an insurrection?’: Justice for J6 rally goes off without incident despite warnings of violence, endless media coverage — RT USA News Turned out to be a giant nothing burger FBI Rally In D.C. Ends Without Incident | The Babylon Bee <--- pretty damn funny!
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    Population Control

    Population Control ( And we wonder why people are hesitate to take a vaccine....
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    Interesting - Sussman download

    🤓 download (
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    Memes - post 'em if you got 'em

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    Look at me - I'm AOC

    Seriously, she went to the met gala, which is 30K a ticket, wearing a Chick-Fil-A dress. AOC used her first Met Gala appearance to send a message: 'Tax the Rich' (
  8. Dakota

    St John’s Hospital in Far Rockaway, New York City

    entire roof - top floor on fire
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    Stone, County, MS - entire police department

    quit :oops: Entire police department resigns in Missouri | TheHill Well, perhaps I am not so shocked - being in law enforcement right now in any capacity SUCKS It doesn't help that the so-called justice system is a revolving door unless you are a Republican who attended J6 and I don't want...
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    Caroline County judge killed himself

    Eastern Shore judge takes his own life as FBI moves in for arrest on illicit images of children - Baltimore Sun
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    Russell Brand

    I never thought I would listen to him talk politics but he has a channel on You Tube and I am finding I am enjoying him. I don't always agree with him on everything but I prefer him discussing these sorts of issues more than his comedy. “They’re Lying To You”: If Science CAUSED COVID -...
  12. Dakota

    Elizabeth Holmes’ Theranos fraud trial

    Very interesting connections. I remember when the left was peddling her as a genius. Opening statements to begin in Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial ( Her daddy Enron - Wikipedia which costs California MILLIONS
  13. Dakota

    Fauci is in trouble

    According to the article, documents show the NIH approved a "grant of $666,000 a year for five years ($3.3million) for EcoHealth Alliance, a US research organization, into bat coronavirus." Really 666? :duh: (hiding much there Lucifer? ) Rand Paul says Fauci LIED to Congress by insisting US...
  14. Dakota

    Karma and Letitia James

    NY AG Letitia James releases statement saying Trump Organization charges are just the beginning ( <---remember this woman?? New York AG Snooped on Pro-Life Activists ( :roflmao:
  15. Dakota

    Biden's speech

    Give me all the credit for ending the war that Trump made the deal over, and this is all his fault, but praise me for the ending of the war and blame the other guy for all the bad.... got it! :rolleyes:
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    what the hell is going on???? Inside paper is reporting this
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    This was very good - very interesting!!!

    The speech by JFK on Secret Societies always bothered me... John F. Kennedy Secret Societies Speech Transcript - Rev Could this have been why? X Factor Winner Reveals World's Secret Religion - by Altiyan Childs - YouTube
  18. Dakota

    Covid - the big lie

    :rolleyes: So now they admit, it did come from China. Senate wants Doctor Fraud to step aside immediately. 🍿 (6) Blackburn Leads Colleagues in Press Conference on Big Tech Censorship of COVID-19 Origins FULL - YouTube
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    Look before this is gone!!! this is the ongoing incident at the Library of Congress...
  20. Dakota

    Hurricane Henri

    Coming up the coast - looks like it is going to skirt by us and hit New York/Boston area??? Hurricane Grace forms, Henri forecast to grow, Fred still a flood threat - Orlando Sentinel