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  1. Rael

    Scary freezer food...

    ... Every now and then you just gotta get in there and either use stuff or throw it the hell away. A good rule of thumb is if you can't remember what it is by either visual or sense of smell, when you put it in there, or it just looks unidentifiable, then it's gone. Of course, I...
  2. Rael

    Super Bowl - Football Pool 2011-12

    SUPER BOWL 50 possible points in 17 categories. In a tie, the win goes to homedepot20 for having 80 cumulative playoff points over Softballkid's 67. Although the line shows the Patriots slightly the favorite, your pick for which team wins will be which team wins the game (no line). Here are the...
  3. Rael

    2011-12 Championship Round - Football Pool

    The FINAL FOUR line up on Sunday, Jan 22 to determine who advances to the Super Bowl. In the first match-up, top seed Softballkid hosts 7th seed Merlin99. Softballkid holds the tiebreaker advantage from finishing the regular season with 175 points over Merlin99's 166 (both have 39 playoff...
  4. Rael

    2011-12 Divisional Round - Football Pool

    PLAYOFFS - DIVISIONAL ROUND Four games to determine who advances to the Championship round next week. Brackets - Number 1 seed Softballkid hosts number 8 seed OldHillcrestGuy. - Second seed thurley42 hosts 7th seed Merlin99. - Third seed puggymom hosts 6th seed donbarzini - Fourth...
  5. Rael

    2011-12 Wildcard Round - Football Pool

    PLAYOFFS - WILDCARD ROUND Four games to determine who advances to the divisional round next week. Division winners must also pick this week for tiebreaker purposes even though there is no direct competition for them this week (sort of a "bye" - it just looks like they have a week off by letting...
  6. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 17

    ***All games are on Sunday this final week, picks due Friday midnight. Thanks, all.*** HOME Eagles -9 Redskins Dolphins -1.5 Jets Saints -9.5 Panthers Packers 3 Lions Rams 11 49ers Jaguars -4 Colts Patriots -11.5 Bills Texans 3 Titans Vikings 1 Bears Browns 7 Steelers Bengals 2.5...
  7. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 16

    ***Final Thursday Night Game*** HOME Colts 5.5 Texans Patriots -10.5 Dolphins Ravens -13.5 Browns Bengals -4 Cardinals Redskins -6.5 Vikings Bills 2.5 Broncos Steelers -15.5 Rams Jets -2.5 Giants Panthers -7.5 Buccs Titans -7.5 Jaguars Chiefs -1 Raiders Lions -1.5 Chargers...
  8. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 15

    ***Thursday Night Game*** HOME Falcons -11 Jaguars Buccs 7 Cowboys Rams 6 Bengals Bills -1 Dolphins Giants -7 Redskins Colts 6.5 Titans Bears -4 Seahawks Chiefs 13.5 Packers Texans -6.5 Panthers Vikings 7 Saints Raiders 1 Lions Cardinals -6.5 Browns Eagles -2.5 Jets Broncos 6.5...
  9. Rael

    2011/12 Football Pool Playoffs

    Slightly modified from last year, but you get the idea. If you have questions, lemme know. :buddies: PLAYOFFS Top 12 scoring players at the end of week 17*** compete in a single elimination bracket until there is a Super Bowl winner. Seed 1 competes against winner of the wildcard round...
  10. Rael

    Coaches Show

    Just tuned into the Coaches Show on NFL network. Never have been a fan of either Billick or Mora, but I guess More took a job at UCLA, and now they have Dennis Green. I can't help but hear him saying "They were who we thought they were" every time he speaks. :killingme
  11. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 14

    ...Thursday game... HOME Steelers -14 Browns Jaguars 1 Buccs Redskins 8 Patriots Bengals -3 Texans Jets -8.5 Chiefs Lions -7.5 Vikings Titans 3.5 Saints Dolphins -3 Eagles Ravens -16.5 Colts Panthers 2.5 Falcons Broncos -3.5 Bears Cardinals 3.5 49ers Packers -11.5 Raiders...
  12. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 13

    Thursday game... HOME Seahawks 3 Eagles Dolphins -3 Raiders Texans 2.5 Falcons Bills -1.5 Titans Bears -8.5 Chiefs Redskins 3 Jets Steelers -7.5 Bengals Buccs -3 Panthers Vikings 0 Broncos Patriots -21 Colts Browns 7 Ravens Cardinals 4.5 Cowboys Giants 6.5 Packers 49ers -13.5...
  13. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 12

    ***First game starts at 12:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for bearing with me in the short weeks, especially during this holiday week where everyone tends to be busy with family and/or friends. And on that note, I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving.*** HOME Lions 6.5 Packers...
  14. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 11

    Thursday Night Game HOME Broncos 4.5 Jets Lions -7 Panthers Packers -14.5 Buccs Redskins 7.5 Cowboys Dolphins -2 Bills Browns 0 Jaguars Vikings 1.5 Raiders Ravens -7 Bengals Rams -2 Seahawks 49ers -9.5 Cardinals Bears -3.5 Chargers Falcons -6 Titans Giants -3.5 Eagles Patriots...
  15. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 10

    THURSDAY GAME Home Chargers -7.5 Raiders Colts 3 Jaguars Chiefs -3 Broncos Bengals 3 Steelers Cowboys -5.5 Bills Falcons 0 Saints Browns -2.5 Rams Dolphins -3.5 Redskins Buccs 3 Texans Panthers -3 Titans Eagles -14* Cardinals Seahawks 7 Ravens Bears -2.5 Lions 49ers -3.5 Giants...
  16. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 9

    ***Starting next week (week 10), Thursday night games begin. Only the Thursday game pick will be due by kick-off, the other picks can wait until Friday night at midnight. Thanks. *** The Week Nine Line... HOME Chiefs -4.5 Dolphins Saints -8.5 Buccs Colts 7.5 Falcons Texans -11 Browns...
  17. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 8

    ***Just a reminder in advance - Starting in week 10, Thursday night games will begin until the final week 17. I'll ask that you make your Thursday night pick before kick-off, but the rest of your picks will still need to be done by Friday midnight please. Thanks!*** For week 8, here is the...
  18. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 7

    HOMEJets 1.5 Chargers Browns -2.5 Seahawks Lions -3.5 Falcons Panthers -2 Redskins Buccs 0 Bears Dolphins -1.5 Broncos Titans -3 Texans Cardinals 3.5 Steelers Raiders -3.5 Chiefs Vikings 8.5 Packers Cowboys -13.5 Rams Saints -14.5 Colts Jaguars 8.5 Ravens :buddies:
  19. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 6

    HOME Falcons -4.5 Panthers Lions -4.5 49ers Bengals -7.5 Colts Redskins 0 Eagles Packers -15.5 Rams Steelers -12.5 Jaguars Giants -3 Bills Raiders -6 Browns Ravens -7.5 Texans Buccs 4.5 Saints Patriots -7.5 Cowboys Bears -2.5 Vikings Jets -8 Dolphins :buddies:
  20. Rael

    Football Pool - Week 5

    Picks due Friday night at midnight. Thanks, all. :buddies: HOME Panthers 6.5 Saints Bills 2 Eagles Giants -9.5 Seahawks Jaguars -1.5 Bengals Colts -1.5 Chiefs Steelers -3.5 Titans Vikings -2 Cardinals Texans -6 Raiders 49ers -1.5 Buccs Patriots -9.5 Jets Broncos 4 Chargers...