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    God Medstar sucks

    I went for a procedure at the OP pavilion. The woman I saw said there was a staff shortage because people had left during covid. She said my results would take longer as there was a backlog. So maybe that is some of the problem.
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    Mask Report

    Firstly thank you to everyone that does still wear a mask in public places, even though it's no longer required. As a fully vaccinated immunosuppressed member of the community, I have just read a report released by John's Hopkins. It states research has shown most transplant patients that have...
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    Finally, some good interesting news story! From those across the pond.

    The program is Timeteam St.Mary's City. And I believe the find is the field left side of route 5 south bound, just before turning for Mattapany road.
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    Freaky Stuff?

    You've looked that closely!😟
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    Trumpy Bear

    I got one ........ but only to remind me of my time in the USA. If they animated it like cubby bear, that would be much more fun.
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    Are you ever too old .......

    To do some of the things you did when a kid. I'm well past my prime, but just caught myself eating the remains of some came mixture, from a mixing bowl. Anyone else guilty of doing childhood things?
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    Now we have a pisser

    BLM ..... This really helps there case!
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    Sheetz in Great Mills Closes After Employee Positive for COVID-19

    Papa John's in Solomon's has also temporarily closed because of employee testing positive.
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    Put the black specks on some damp tissue if it goes red, it's flea poop.
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    Any truth to the rumor?

    I believe it was a St. Paddys party on Saturday.
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    Toilet Paper

    Paper back novels, first you read them, then you rip the pages out, thread on string and hang in bathroom. Simple
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    firestick or roku or ???

    We have been using fire sticks on all our tv's, for just over a year. Have no complaints, but have never used Roku so cannot compare.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    We go to Sawatadee on GMR at least once a week. Food is excellent, as is service, summer rolls always on the menu!
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    Christmas Light

    Just to say what a good job the three or four homes at the top of Piney point road Callaway have done with their lights. It was quit stunning when we drove past last night. Also thank you to everyone who decorates their homes for others to enjoy. Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a very...
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    Traffic Rant Clements traffic circle

    The 'Magic Roundabout' Swindon. Have been through it several times but always made sure someone else was driving
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    Traffic Rant Clements traffic circle

    Traffic circles are only a problem when people don't use them properly. The general rule is a vehicle already in the circle has the right of way. A vehicle approaching a circle yields to vehicles already in the circle. And once on the circle you do not give way to allow other vehicles to enter...
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    Beautiful sunset tonight

    Could be a meteor shower they're waiting for, there is one due this evening. Yes what a beautiful sunset, we took some pics from Indian bridge road.
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    Scenic Fall Photos

    St. Mary's lake/ watershed park. Very autumnal at the moment.
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    Lawnmower races @ bowles farm

    We were there from start till finish, a great day. Congrats to all Racers, Organisers, Spectators and Sponsor's.