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    I have to wonder if this is a full cord or a face cord. Price is not too bad if it is a full 4x4x8 cord but sux if it is for a face cord 4x4x16"
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    Lunches paid for?

    Wow, just wow. I could explain the hypocrisy of providing free meals to rich peoples kids while simultaneously calling for them to pay more taxes but it is obvious you wouldn't understand. And the bar wench is a completely unqualified representative but I heard she can make an awesome Sex on...
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    Lunches paid for?

    So the Congressional bar wench from NY wants to tax the rich but we give their kids free school meals?
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    Apollo may have liver cancer....or maybe not

    You are living my fear. My eldest is 12 and has a history of bladder stones. Expensive surgery and prescription food for life. If the time comes to make the decision just remember it is the hardest right thing you will ever do. As for vets pushing things (ours current ones are the best) we...
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    This is what hypocrisy and greed look like:

    Thinking of buying one and posting a video of me wiping with it. It would go viral. Worth the price of admission!
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    Now we've got this to worry about.

    You must adore John Kerry and Al gore!
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    What is the one ingredient that you always ask to be omitted from a dish?

    Once had a customer ask if our chili had onions in it!
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    Donald Trump Smacks George W. Bush’s 9/11 Comments Down

    Why the horses? WTH did they do?
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    New Gov of NY wastes no time flexing her fascist muscles

    Her numbers are wrong but here is the unasked question: Why is abortion so "common"? This is 2021. There are so many was to prevent unwanted pregnancies abortion should relatively rare. It isn't a question of cost or availability, many are free and even available in schools and clinics...
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    So today's the day for Gavin Newsom

    The dems propaganda machine was full out proclaiming that he would not get the boot because the polling showed way too much support for him. Calling it ahead keeps people home. If they wanted pro Newsom voters to turn out they would be proclaiming it a dead heat.
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    Farewell Squaw Valley...

    I am surprised it took this long. There will be many more renames coming. Many of the names targeted will have nothing to do with the reason they get removed but will become the cause de jour for somebody looking to get their name in the news.
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    I won't be getting a cheque. I don't know WTF he was talking about

    Everybody occasionally loses their train of thought and usually acknowledge it. "Damn I must be getting old, I lost my train of thought." The true indicator of Joe's declining mental state is that he just continues on as if he is making sense. In his own mind he is making a point but it is...
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    St. Mary's Co. Youth Gun Violence Task Force Seizes 19 Firearms this Summer

    Would love to see the demographics on this!
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    This is the President of the United States

    His last words in this dementia driven babble are "I'm telling you too much." What exactly did he tell us? Nanny, Jill-off, Sack-me and the rest of his handlers should be forced to watch this on a 72 hour loop.
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    Joe Biden Goes Golfing While Americans Left Behind in Afghanistan

    It is Trump's fault. He played a lot of golf and did a great job as president. Joe used his superior intellect to analyze Trump's success and determined playing golf is the way to be a great leader.
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    Words I hate that are favorites of the left

    Existential: According to the left every one of their talking points is an existential threat. Global warming climate change, racism, COVID, Trump, Trump supporters, police, Republicans and a thousand other things........ Systemic: According to the left everything is systemic. Racism...
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    Biden, Dems Want To Monitor Americans’ Bank Accounts, Blasted As Violating 4th Amendment

    All transactions of $10K or more have to be reported to the Fed. It has been that way since 1970. The government sold it as a way to fight money launderiing/illegal activities. I'll bet the jails are full of people who deposited $10,000.01!
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    Biden, Dems Want To Monitor Americans’ Bank Accounts, Blasted As Violating 4th Amendment

    Hurrah!!!! Slo Joe is bring back the barter system. Track those transactions a-hole.
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    Know anyone quitting over the Federal Employee vaccine mandate?

    How can they change the terms of your employment? If you refuse the jab and they fire you then you should be able to sue for unlawful termination. When you signed up I am sure there was nothing about receiving illegally mandated inoculations. F them all. When will they bring in the National...
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    Joe Rules

    And another illegal rule: U.S. doubling fines for travelers not wearing masks (