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    Words I hate that are favorites of the left

    Existential: According to the left every one of their talking points is an existential threat. Global warming climate change, racism, COVID, Trump, Trump supporters, police, Republicans and a thousand other things........ Systemic: According to the left everything is systemic. Racism...
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    OMG stop with the obvious lies and fantasies!

    "We’re hearing that people are having to double up patients in beds." Oregon doctor: 'I don’t think there are words for' how health care workers feel right now ( When did it become legal to double people up in hospital beds? What Fing BS! I can't even express my disbelief that the...
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    But the Trumpers are racist!

    Newsom rally speaker calls Larry Elder 'a Black face on White supremacy' | Fox News Truecolors showing through?
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    Pet sitting a friends pooch

    am I the only one that see Gordon Shumway?
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    Damned telemarketers

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    Trump has made things hard for Joe....

    with the COVID, Afghanistan, and other things but how in the hell did he conjure up a Cat 4 hurricane? I guess I'll have to watch CNN to find out.
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    Some of us remember

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    Please daddy! Please!!!!

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    The end of an error! AMF you douche nozzle.
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    My new favorite hot weather drink

    Texas Ranch Water! Tequila, fresh lime juice and Topo Chico sparkling water. Most refreshing.
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    Afghanistan II

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    Bribin' Biden, when your policies suck...

    "We will pay you to violate your Governor's executive order." Biden admin targets DeSantis ban on mask mandates, offers cash to Florida school districts defying governor | Fox News
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    But we issued a correction....

    Where was the investigation in investigative journalism? This is what they promote as journalism today then retract when caught but the damage is done. It is with full intent to deceive that they do this crap. There should be a law. Texas Tribune erroneously reports 5,800 children were...
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    Masking up.

    A big nose is no excuse to not wear a mask. I still wear pants.
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    Our little hometown local has a sense of humor

    from the Malone Telegram in Malone, NY.
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    Cuomo gone!

    Resignation effective in 14 days to give time for transition. I only hope there are more untouchables that fall to their own axe.
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    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson better watch out...

    University of Wisconsin-Madison removes massive rock from campus after 'racism' claims | Fox News A single reporter 100 years ago used a now considered racist term and the rock get the boot. WTAF. I see it in my mind: Grandpa is talking to the G-kids and says "Let me tell you about my days...
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    Long planned vacation

    They make it so easy to hate them. In their eyes we are a nation of gullible idiots. And then they throw the donkey dental faced one at us! CNN to air AOC special as embattled anchor Chris Cuomo goes on 'long-planned vacation' | Fox News
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    Playing to the audience

    So Joe tells Mack employees he was a gear jammer. This guys Walter Middy's muddled mind keeps getting worse. He'll never make 4 years. 24 months and he is out. Biden raises eyebrows with claim he 'used to drive' 18-wheeler truck | Fox News