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  1. lilredhearts

    Urgent Help Needed for Five Year Old With Leukemia

    They wouldnt allow me on the list because iv received marrow in the past :( praying for adam!
  2. lilredhearts

    did anyone else see this?

    I hope he was calling u a douche but if he wasnt i will ur a douche! Seriously im not posting to get a dumb a** answer. I dont understand y people like u even bother posting.
  3. lilredhearts

    did anyone else see this?

    So im driving last night around 930 i was driving north on 235 in mech almost to charlotte hal and when i was coming up to where 6 crossing over this car turns south on the north bound lane coming striaght at me thyen honks at me as if im in the wrong i had to serve off the road to not get into...
  4. lilredhearts

    longview beach

    Well i know allot of people one of them.. anyway i was wondering if anyone else was having problems with stray animals. Iv had 4 differnt dogs in my yard in the past week they r driving me crazy. Im an animal lover but i dont like strange dogs in my yard and i dont like them getting...
  5. lilredhearts

    longview beach

    Anyone live in longview beach?
  6. lilredhearts

    baby sitter in bushwood

    If any one needs a sitter during the day in bushwood. Please pm me :)
  7. lilredhearts

    Where are the Redneck areas of Southern Maryland?

    :jameo: i live in bushwood. i agree w u~
  8. lilredhearts

    questions about my new adopted dog...

    i know its so sad to see her like this. :( and im assuming they did, i honestly didnt ask to find out.
  9. lilredhearts

    questions about my new adopted dog...

    I adopted the sweetest dog from tri county on the 21st, they said i could pick her up from the vet on the 27th. When i went to pick her up, they said everything went great with her spay but that she was pregnant. the first couple days she seemed to be adjusting very well... no she walks aroun...
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    my company operates and cares for the blimp its here for the airshow.
  11. lilredhearts

    blue truck south on 235

    mr blue truck would of def caused an accident if he wouldnt of been stopped. Im glad a took 2 mins of my time to call him in.
  12. lilredhearts

    blue truck south on 235

  13. lilredhearts

    blue truck south on 235

    yea this guy was either drunk or on something else cause he was going over every line on the road. He was dressed in almost a mechanic outfit .... gusse he might of been trying to get to work. He seemed very pissed to be getting pulled over , but what did he think was gonna happen driving like...
  14. lilredhearts

    blue truck south on 235

    i actually did call the cops she said that theyd already had a few callers about him... as soon as i hung up the cops were behind me to pull him over. and no i dont know him.. i was just stuck behind him the whole way up the road..until they finally pulled him over.
  15. lilredhearts

    blue truck south on 235

    anyone see that friggin idiot all over the road this morning ?
  16. lilredhearts

    Mechanicsville this morning?

    does any one know why they closed down 235 from mech rd up a ways? I did see a car next to 711 with a trap over it but it really didnt look like an accident if so i have no clue how the car got where it was ...... and it would of been a one car accident .. anyway anyone know?
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    Once a year my company plans an event for the guy and girls.... this year and other the men went fishing with Bunkys .... and in past years us girls have spent the day at the spa.. but we a want a change .... any ideas that about 15 women can do for a day ??
  18. lilredhearts

    what kind of plant is this?

    Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?? almost looks liek the ends will bud .....
  19. lilredhearts

    Mechanicsville Road

    Does anyone know when it is suppose to be reopened?