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  1. Chasey_Lane

    Holiday Office Parties Opportunity to Sexually Harrass Women

    Well, you have to admit it was pretty awesome!! Well worth the spanking the team got. :lmao:
  2. Chasey_Lane

    Holiday Office Parties Opportunity to Sexually Harrass Women

    Are you sure about that??!!! :lmao:
  3. Chasey_Lane

    Truck Shopping...

    Hubby has a 2017 GMC truck. We LOVE it!!! It is incredibly comfortable, hauls our boat like a champ, has all the bells and whistles. He decided against the 'Denali' version because the $10K cost didn't come with enough "additional" features to warrant the extra expense.
  4. Chasey_Lane

    Petsitter/housesitter needed.

    Trails End Pet Sitting. Gail (owner) is really awesome. You've got quite the ranch, so it may be $$$, but her staff is great!
  5. Chasey_Lane

    Salt Cycle Studio?

    I'll be there!!!
  6. Chasey_Lane

    Salt Cycle Studio?

    Yes! I go often.
  7. Chasey_Lane

    Shaving Clubs

    I've used Dollar Shave Club. Great razors but I was allergic to a metal in them so I had to stop. Hubby still uses the razors and has no complaints. I hear Harry's is good (have not tried). You can buy online or at Target. Might even be in other stores.
  8. Chasey_Lane

    High end hotels

    I am a Hilton snob. The rooms are always comfy, and offer free breakfast and drinks (water definitely, and sometimes free alcoholic beverages), plus free dining at some locations. I also like Homewood Suites, which is a Hilton chain.
  9. Chasey_Lane

    Yo! Stopped in

    Yes. But he doesn't grab my butt quite like you do! :smoochy:
  10. Chasey_Lane

    Yo! Stopped in

    Sure did! 10-year anniversary present!!
  11. Chasey_Lane

    Dark Undereye Circles

    The best eye cream I have ever used is from Jordan. My husband traveled there for work a few times and picked some up for me, and for a few years after I ran out I would order it and have it shipped over. I can't find it anywhere anymore, and the website has been down for quite some time...
  12. Chasey_Lane

    Yo! Stopped in

    That's awesome!! Our cruise isn't until November. In the meantime, we've been enjoying the water on our new-this-year boat! :cheers:
  13. Chasey_Lane

    Yo! Stopped in

    :howdy:, Pete... and everyone else!
  14. Chasey_Lane

    Horse Collapses and dies after Preakness undercard victory

    I'm never eating bread again. :frown:
  15. Chasey_Lane

    My HVAC Nightmare

    As someone who has a rental property, I don't burden my tenants if something needs attention and a technician needs to come out. I try to schedule maintenance and service calls later in the afternoon or around lunch when me or my husband can be there. This might be worth mentioning in the...
  16. Chasey_Lane

    Amazon Prime $72 today only

    Funny you mention Wayfair -- it's been my go-to site lately. Just bought an XL dog bed for about 1/3 the Amazon price. Score!!
  17. Chasey_Lane

    Amazon Prime $72 today only

    Meh! I stopped using Amazon a while ago. I didn't see the point when I could 9/10 times buy the same thing cheaper elsewhere.
  18. Chasey_Lane

    Boarding a dog... Recomendations???

    You can buy "service dog" vests online through Amazon. :whistle:
  19. Chasey_Lane

    My son is turning 18, what would be a fun thing to do for his B-day?

    I'm taking my soon-to-be 19 year old to the Bahamas so she can experience Senor Frogs. You are welcome to join us!! :lol:
  20. Chasey_Lane

    Pro's & Con's

    I have it. No issues.