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  1. ICit

    RIP Lord Stanley

    you will be missed by many..... rest easy my friend. 😭
  2. ICit

    Rip kdenise977

    Its with a heavy heart that I let everyone know that KDENISE977 passed away June 16th 2017. She left behind a young son and a loving husband. Please keep her family and friend in your thoughts and prayers. :bawl::bawl::bawl::frown:
  3. ICit

    Woman Arrested After Throwing Bricks at Windows wow..... BEST MUG SHOT OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO............
  4. ICit

    Old Blockbuster

    is gonna be a new Popeyes... :banghead:
  5. ICit

    Mamakookoo need this

  6. ICit

    Anyone know these home improvement companies?

    D&S Home Improvement LLS Jason Miller Builders :coffee:
  7. ICit

    Omg....wr... Please read this!!! Please do not do this!!!
  8. ICit

    Easter lilies pose a danger to cats also Peace Lilies as well. chances are ... by the time you figure out your cat has chewed on OR ingested some of the plant it is already to late.
  9. ICit


    Too all of the mailbox fatalities from last night and the last couple storms. :buddies: Thank you for your service :killingme
  10. ICit

    Woman to hand out letter, not candy

    Woman to hand out letter, not candy, to obese trick-or-treaters - :killingme :killingme I know several kids that should NOT be getting candy.... please feel free to hand them baby carrots and apple slices!!! But this is the ONE DAY in their life they enjoy walking and getting...
  11. ICit

    Are you kidding......

    Dickens Released on $5,000 Bail After Assaulting Same Woman Twice in Two Days | Southern Maryland News Net WTF.... REALLY this really has me pissed off..... I sure hope the two women are not killed because he is back out....
  12. ICit

    Grab the tissues.....

    Kayla Kiley loses her battle with cancer - Southern Maryland News RIP Kayla..... :bawl:
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    :tantrum clean out your pms :cds:
  14. ICit

    South bound RT 5 shut down at 236

    Dump Truck overturned :banghead:
  15. ICit

    New look for a dog

    Animal Details :jameo:....
  16. ICit

    Need to find this guy!!!

    hey POS.... thanks for looking at the camera so we were able to get a nice and clear picture of you! Crime Solvers is seeking the identity of theft - Southern Maryland News By Press Release, St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office and Crime...
  17. ICit

    Body Wash.... but the HAND BASKET... Really???!!!

    Man charged with stealing bodywash while drunk - Southern Maryland News A man was arrested on August 1 at 8:35 p.m. for stealing from the Prince Frederick Safeway after deputies stopped a vehicle on Sark Court that matched the description given by store employees. :killingme
  18. ICit

    Another Mother of the Year award given to….

    Va. woman sentenced for trying to kill newborn - A Henrico woman convicted of leaving her newborn daughter in a dryer to die will spend more than three years in prison........ WTF is wrong with people now a days.....
  19. ICit

    Yeah.... Karma got them!!!

    Cell phone picture leads to arrests - Southern Maryland News good job!
  20. ICit

    Mother of the Year Award!!!!

    Woman arrested for neglect of a minor - Southern Maryland News