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  1. Chasey_Lane


    I need a bushel of oysters by Thursday evening. Where local (southern St Mary's) is the best place to buy to cook at home?
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    Ladies, if you are in the market for a new foundation, I highly recommend Make Up Forever HD. I bought some over the...
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    BOGO Essential Oils
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    Hyaluronic Acid

    I swear someone posted about this stuff not too long ago. I'm going to order some online and add to my skincare routine. Anyone else?
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    Lilly Pulitzer

    Saw a blurb on the news this morning about flocks of people -- mostly women -- swarming Target stores for Lilly Pulitzer clothing. Having never heard of the name/ brand, I decided to look it up. Really...
  6. Chasey_Lane

    Sex, dementia and a husband on trial

    Interesting case. There is no question that Donna Lou Rayhons had severe Alzheimer’s. In the days before being placed in a nursing home in Garner, Iowa, last year, Mrs. Rayhons...
  7. Chasey_Lane

    Thanks Obamacare

    Last year I received a bill for services for about $50. This year the same treatment/ medical procedure is about $1K. Thanks Obama!! :patriot:
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    Ft Meade shooting investigation Police are investigating reports of a shooting at NSA headquarters after car rammed gates MyFox DC reports that police were involved in a shooting after a car tried to ram the gate leading into Fort...
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    Korres I have fallen in love with this brand! Their products smell great and really moisturize skin. Check them out if you are searching for new products! :yay:
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    Check your credit card

    Made a purchase on Amazon yesterday and now I have about 15 fraud charges pending my credit card. Check your online transactions!
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    Free College :patriot: Free education "for those willing to work for it." That's what President Obama said he would like to see in an announcement the White House posted to Facebook and...
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    Fostering mom and babies

    I am fostering a mom and her 5 babies. Mom was found as a stray, picked up by animal control and taken to a shelter where she had her pups before a rescue pulled her and I ended up with her. Mom is a hound/ setter mix of some kind, and I'm not sure what the babies are but they are fairly large...
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    "Cop Blocker" hit by drunk driver. Tee hee: ARLINGTON, TEXAS-On his way home from protesting an Arlington Police Department traffic safety checkpoint, self-proclaimed...
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    Anyone familiar with...

    A "Miss Taylor" in St Mary's (San Souci). What's her story?
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    Amish Garage

    Hubby and I would like to build a detached garage (at least 2-car), preferably Amish. Looking for referrals. Thanks!
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    Bare Minerals eyeshadow

    This is my new favorite "natural" palette. It goes on smooth, stays put all day, and the colors are perfect!!! A must buy even if you don't need it. :smile:,en_US,pd.html
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    Selling my hot tub

    I have a classified ad! 6-person hot tub with lounger, LED lights, ozone system, more than 30 jets, steps, cover lift, emergency spa box and about 200 feet of wiring. Hot tub is about 2 years old. Works great and is in perfect condition. Just don't use it as much as we thought and would...
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    Horseshoe Casino/Baltimore

    Is just "meh." Not as big as I thought it would be, and on the first opening weekend they had one bartender at most of the bars. Not many attendants walking around, high $$ tables and slots, and already dirty. The only benefit is that it is a TR property. Oh well... looks like I'll still be...
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    Need some signs made for glass doors. Any recs in St Mary's?
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    Anyone going to the Mayweather/Maidana fight??

    Tickets are still available!!