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  1. GregV814

    Dr. Howard, Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine

    Whenever I see a commercial for any medicinal product, usually a human wearing a scrubs shirt, a stethoscope and /or an embroidered lab coat, I think of these guys. Dr. Fauchi's partners.
  2. GregV814

    Ethiopians, Taliban, Haitians, Democrats....

    9/27/2021 - Contraband Found on Maryland-Bound Internationals at Dulles Airport - "Agricultural contraband"....No, not pot. Dried cow skins filled with infectious debris. Diseased grasses, weeds... how nice.
  3. GregV814


    Alright, maybe she's right. Mrs. GregV has mildly suggested with a 12 pound sledge hammer that I've become a tad cynical and disenfranchised. (that's the new word for aghast...or something, I wasn't paying attention) Governor Hogan, according to Politico, has been campaigning in States for...
  4. GregV814

    explosive expose'

    well, not here, but somewhere, someone, is writing one. I asked WBIG, Oldies 100.3 to reconsider any new contracts with John Clay Wolfe. (heard on Saturday mornings 8-11:00). He is a pig. At the same time, they hired this guy Don Geronimo, ( Hiyoooooo Silver, away). Why? Now, I didn't know...
  5. GregV814

    This kid. Yo??? Having a temper tantrum...

    So, College Senior Pope a senior in college, a senior.... has a child's temper tantrum, gets escorted off the field in front of hundreds of thousands of worshipers, Tweets profanities but can't spell luck. ("lucc") Okay, fast forward a year or two, (because NO NFL TEAM should even consider...
  6. GregV814

    College Senior or spoiled 6 year old?

    Ohio State Buckeyes LB K'Vaughan Pope escorted off field after blowup on sideline ( A college senior that can't spell luck....a four letter word.....rhymes with another four letter word he used moments before....
  7. GregV814

    one more thing.

    Whenever you see a show, even a cartoon on TV from the 1930's-1990's, somewhere in the credits, directed by, producer a censorship approval. Even for a Bugs Bunny Cartoon. Well, today's standards are shot to Hades. With all these un-male "stars" wanting to show more skin and be...
  8. GregV814

    Jeopardy in Jeopardy.

    Much like the Titanic, the show is sinking, quickly. Personally, I liked Art Fleming but he's currently unavailable. Mike is in, Mike is out, LaVarr is pissed, the current Queen can't comb her hair, Cutie Katie flopped and now Holzbaggerhauer is dissing Matt Amodio. Toss the cards, bring on...
  9. GregV814

    wow, unbelievable...who saw this coming?

    Fort Bliss: Female military service member assaulted by Afghan evacuees, FBI investigating (
  10. GregV814


    Now that Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima have been destined to obscurity and all is well, I am shocked to see more evidence of white supremacy directed at OUR CHILDREN!!! FOR GOODNESS SAKE, WHAT ABOUT OUR CHILDREN!!! Peoples exibit #1 Fred and Barney: What? There were no POC's in caveman era? Oh and...
  11. GregV814

    remember the show, "The Liars Club"...

    what are these, make up an answer if you dont know...
  12. GregV814

    The Black Wonder Years

    for the benefit of this old coot, explain why it was needed. Isn't it the same show with black people?
  13. GregV814

    hey, Fat Larry

    while you are inviting new refugees from (cough) Haiti, Afghanistan, Mexico, Rhodesia in Accord with poopypants Joe's blessing, while you are allowing the democrats to re-district Pax River to Charles County, while you are telling colleges to hurry up and graduate Nurses, and invite Jamaican...
  14. GregV814

    Cant pay your bills?? Going broke?? Govt. Shutdown???

    Re-cap.....Due to circumstances, overblown by the current Administration, businesses closed, thousands of employees laid off, every American getting endless streams of cash, now an influx of refugees unchecked, jails emptied, we have a (an alleged) cash shortage. For the first time in American...
  15. GregV814

    They don't want them either!!!!

    Angry scenes at Haiti airport as deported migrants arrive (
  16. GregV814

    things that make you think, well, no use in being...

    Prince George’s Council Member Removes Bills for Development Proposal – NBC4 Washington ( Man, Boy Shot in Southeast DC After Dispute Between 9-Year-Olds, Police Say – NBC4 Washington ( Northern Virginia imam charged with indecent liberties (
  17. GregV814


    Amid a crushing wave of migrants rushing the United States' southern border, overwhelmed U.S. immigration agencies are releasing "numerous" migrants not just in southern cities, but deep into the interior of the country in a revolving-door system some are concerned is giving aliens a free pass...
  18. GregV814

    Immigrants being ignored Joe will call ICE to open all channels!

    Since we're allowing refugees from all parts if the world, to make American better, rebuilding better, melting better, Joe Biden discovered the plight, often forgotten refugees from Spheniscidae Island. Habitants have long been ignored by the world as outcasts, with no real contact with the...
  19. GregV814

    haitians, via Mexico, Mexicans, Taliban, Afghans, Hondurans, Salvadorians...

    welcome to America, I'm your Host Joe Biden... I'll be your cruise Captain. Wipe your feet and leave the weapons, drugs, diseases at the door with our Hat Check girl, a reallll clean smoothe talker, Kamela! Fantasy Island isn't it.