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  1. Joe'smom

    Dr. Christina Rawlings

    Isn't she a nurse practitioner?
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    There are things that can be done to manage Post Herpetic Neuralgia.... Medications used to help with nerve pain--like topical lidocaine patches, Capsacian cream (otc) and prescriptions like prednisone and Lyrica have been known to be helpful. Narcotics help to be able to function but its not a...
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    PSD Templates/Frames

    I recently got some freebies from "OnOne" software....they had a group to download for free....also try "PanosFx"
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    Golden Retreivers

    Have two GR....gotten from the same breeder 3 years apart. It was the best decsision we made---getting a friend for a friend and they are the best of buddies. Both are smart in their own ways but just as lovable equally---such quich learners----was fetching the first day we brought home (8 weeks)
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    B&W Lizard from Flag Ponds today

    Here's one from Calvert Cliffs State Park hanging out on a little Birch tree down by the swamp.
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    Navigating your way through/out of Alcatraz?
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    I've got Hank Williams Jr. Tickets.....

    4 Tickets for Hank Jr....still available Still have 4 tickets left----anyone?
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    I've got Hank Williams Jr. Tickets.....

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    I've got Hank Williams Jr. Tickets.....

    Yep--if you want to be close to the stage.....and not have to drive 2 hrs one way and then back at 10 pm--and you know alot of the people least if you are from around here. There are cheaper seats for sale....but the view isn't as good--plus...with a decent can get some...
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    I've got Hank Williams Jr. Tickets.....

    I have 6 tickets:howdy:
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    I've got Hank Williams Jr. Tickets.....

    Row P--Green Section, seats 21-16...$55 ea.
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    I've got Hank Williams Jr. Tickets.....

    Got stuck with extra thanks to a 'friend' .....anyone looking to go?
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    My heart just bleeds for you!!!

    This thing comes back more spectacular every year!
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    Bird this a

    Vireo warbler or a knatcatcher?
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    Spring Color

    Great shot MrX---great dof and the title is very appropriate!--Don't cha just love spring!!!
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    The housing market is for the birds.....

    I found this pair of blue birds looking for low rent housing on Saturday
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    Calvert Photography Club

    I never made it least you got there..... Saturdays is pretty much taken up by my mom--even with an early start---I wasn't home till 12:30.
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    More flowering tree stuff

    I don't know that I have ever seen a plum tree in bloom--quite beautiful, not that cherry blossoms arent but they are a bit anemic--these have more color!
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    Fun with Black and White

    I actually like the B & W ones better---that handlebar is deadly! Yet another example of RAW benefits-more options! One shot ---you can work it to your hearts content and the original image will always remain--as long as you know not to screw with the original--Friend of mine made a HUGE booboo...
  20. Joe'smom

    Fun with Black and White

    I thought it may have been intentional -that was why I asked. The shots remind me of an Orange County Chopper ad ---would be great to get them in a Motorcycle Mag!