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  1. Pete

    My thread. Anyone can participate but it's mine.

    Go for it.
  2. Pete

    23 and Me......or 25 to life? Interesting development. All of you who were curious...
  3. Pete

    I see the outright hatred and loathing of Trump on social media and wonder

    If liberals felt the same frustration when conservatives were hating on everything and ever word from Obama and calling his wife a cow. Of course the big difference is Obama had the media in his pocket and never faced the undeniable bias, except for Fox who he vilified, so he only had half the...
  4. Pete

    Tax reform

    So I am a middle of the road republican. I do not think the term "Tax Reform" is good. It means reforming the way taxes are collected to make it more efficient. I want government reform where the spending they do on governance and the products I see from my government is better. See I...
  5. Pete

    So how's this sexual abuse wave going to end?

    So far it seems every male with any hint of notoriety is being outed as a sexual predator. How is this thing going to end? Will it become so common place people will begin to disregard it? I know when the Cosby thing started I was seriously skeptical. How could 30+ women who went for...
  6. Pete

    In light of self identification, transgenderism and gender nuetral initiatives

    This forum is offensive and discriminatory.
  7. Pete

    Let me tell you a story about our legal system

    So Boy as I have affectionately named him many years ago for forum purposes, is now almost 21 and a Junior in college. He was visiting the egg donor portion of his family last summer over in OC like he does nearly every summer. His half siblings, who are older, had him shuttle them to the bar...
  8. Pete

    The MPD thread made me think of the old forums

    Remember when MPD's were intrigue and mystery, everyone had one, used it to get nasty and target people and we wasted countless hours trying to figure out who they were? Remember karma wars? Private forums? Get togethers in someones garage or deck? Who got naked in Christy's hot tub, or my...
  9. Pete

    Drivers license in Maryland

    Quick question, if you lose your drivers license will they give you a duplicate at MVA if you go in or does it have to be mailed?
  10. Pete

    I believe the two state solution for Israel and Palestine will work

    It will happen the day after we pay off our national debt. :patriot: I do not understand these myths that our politicians cling to and spend so much time and money pursuing.
  11. Pete

    I think I could run a better campaign for President than Trump

    Vrai would be my campaign manager until I had to fire her 3 week into it but I would retain her as an advisor.
  12. Pete

    Yo! Stopped in

    What should we discuss?
  13. Pete

    I am done being a landlord

    I do not have the temperament for it. I just toured my rental and was sickened by the state of it. I hate people.
  14. Pete

    Palin Love - Carley hate

    Seen quite a few Palin fans from back in the day who seem to have a loathing for Carly. How does this happen? In my mind let them both speak for 5 minutes and Carly is significantly more likable and capable than Palin.
  15. Pete

    Injured owl

    Saw an injured owl in the median at the Mervel Dean/Airport Rd and 235 intersection. I called the Sheriff's office to see if they could send someone because owl's are cool. #owllivesmatter
  16. Pete

    Lamar Odom updates?

  17. Pete

    So I am driving down the road yesterday

    when the Suburban in front of me slows down and a large cup comes flying out of the window. It hits my windshield and specks of chocolate chip and chewed spaghetti coat my windshield. I cant see and crash into a Prius.
  18. Pete

    Hey Vraiblonde!

    Never mind I forgot what I was going to ask.
  19. Pete

    Everyone can relax!

    Kylie Jenner denies she got breast implants. Move along, nothing enhanced to see here.
  20. Pete

    Former NFL QB attempts suicide. I find it odd and classless that his completion percentage, TD's and In's were included in the story. Is it just me?