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  1. ImnoMensa

    Right-Wing Bloggers Try To Smear First Lady

    IMO any woman married to Obama has a right to drink as much as she likes.
  2. ImnoMensa

    Gunwalker and the Foundation of Liberty

    Obama told Mrs. Sarah Brady,"We are working under the radar" on gun control. Is this the operation he was referring to? I believe it was a part of it. The ATF,FBI,and CIA were all a part of it. Eric Holder is stonewalling a Congressonal investigation into it. The agents who were working...
  3. ImnoMensa

    Obama all smiles as he jets to Martha's Vineyard

    Many business's are concerned about Obama care and it's contrivance's that will drive up their costs. Many business's are concerned about the cost of energy to run their business after the coal powered electrical plants are closed. Not to mention the Coal miners being oput of work. Many...
  4. ImnoMensa

    New Outrage: Sex Offender or Teenage Jerk?

    Caning is a good idea . Twelve whacks with a cane and these boys wouldn't be dropping their pants on another kid for a while.
  5. ImnoMensa

    The Travails of Ms. Warren

    Drowning in debt and creating more useless agencies. We should be shutting down half of the agencies we have.
  6. ImnoMensa

    Juan Williams Pawned.

    LMAO--You should know.
  7. ImnoMensa

    Gunwalker: Justice Department Tampering with Witne

    Do you really believe that Eric Holder planned and operated this operation without direct knowledge from the White House.? You give Eric Holder more credit than I do. I think if this scandal fully erupts it will cost Obama his job, but I do not see it fully erupting. The facts are that...
  8. ImnoMensa

    Juan Williams Pawned.

    You are right of course--as always. I simply thought some might enjoy watching Juan squirm, guess that was wrong of me. Sorry about filling your bandwidth with a worthless post, I realise that has never been done before.
  9. ImnoMensa

    Juan Williams Pawned.

    ‪Juan Williams Pwned: Sean Hannity Makes Williams Look Like Complete A$$‬‏ - YouTube I actually felt sorry for Juan. Getting it broken off in you like this has to be a terrible feeling. I do not believe he and Sean are friends, At least not any more they arent.:duel:
  10. ImnoMensa

    First State to Require Environmental Li

    Thank you for the response. Sorry for the repost.
  11. ImnoMensa

    First State to Require Environmental Li

    May I ask what that has to do with the article.? Do you have a comment on the article or just a smart assed remark about the name? Did you even read the article?
  12. ImnoMensa

    First State to Require Environmental Li

    MD Becomes First State to Require Environmental Literacy Environmetal literacy or what the Al Gore sycophants call Environmetal Literacy? MD Becomes First State to Require Environmental Literacy - Southern Maryland News, Charles County, Calvert County and St. Mary's County News
  13. ImnoMensa

    Obama loosens border rules for 2012..quasi-amnesty

    I really do not know why we are paying 100 Senators and 435 Members of the House of Representatives. Not only are we paying them but we are paying their Secretaries and their interns and their staff and probably half of their family. Why? If the Congress doesn't pass Cap & Trade Obama...
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    The Scat Gourmet.
  15. ImnoMensa

    Green cars cost more energy

    Not to mention, when Obama's EPA finish's shutting down the coal fired electric plants there will be no way to charge them unless you buy a windmill like the new one on Bowles' farm.
  16. ImnoMensa

    Finally, Instant Karma!!

    Warning: Do not use Viagra before checking with your Doctor to see if you are healthy enough to have sex. Adios Julio you rotten MF'er, may you rot in hell.
  17. ImnoMensa

    I'm against ANY form of deportation for illegal al

    It's a funny thing. Years ago I went to Mexico while stationed at Fort Sam Houston. We just drove across the border and when we were finished we just drove back, no passport needed. Now we are required to have a passport to enter and return, but these people want Mexicans to be allowed to...
  18. ImnoMensa

    those wacky moslems

    The supposed reason for this rape was to make this girl join the Islamic religion. Of course we all know that that is bullsh!t. No man gets an erection by thinking of converting anyone to Islam. The fact is that these guys are enjoying raping a Christian Coptic woman. Rape is the...
  19. ImnoMensa

    Really? Come on now!

    Now the Journalists are asking questions like"why werent the names and addresses and phone numbers in the emails redacted".. As far as we know nothing was redacted. They are all out there to be viewed,and so far it has backfired badly on those who were digging for dirt. I cannot wait to...
  20. ImnoMensa

    Tell me you don't hear Sanford and Son theme

    I have seen several pictures of the First lady wearing that dress. Why didn't they put a hem in the friggin thing. In every picture I have seen of it she is holding it up to keep it from dragging in the dirt. Why wear something like that? Other than the train ,it is a simple frock, No...