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  1. Nanny Pam


    I need a Coach knockoff. Can one of you DC gals hook me up? I forgeT how to post a pic on here of the one I want. Let me try. Brb.
  2. Nanny Pam


    I started getting really bad headaches so the Doc put me on Imitrex. Now these headaches only happen around 3 times a month, but like I said, they're worse then the normal annoying headache. Does anyone take this drug, Imitrex? Do you have any problems tolerating it? Side effects? I'd...
  3. Nanny Pam

    For those of you so kind & willing ...

    Please pray for my BIL, Bob Foxx, and for his wife (my sister) Debbie, that she'll be able to get thru this as we just buried our Father. His esophageal cancer has metastasized to his entire body. He's been given weeks. Please ask that the morphene halts all the pain, especially in his bones...
  4. Nanny Pam

    Walmart sells coffins!

    My husband says "oh, they are cheap." I say "who cares, you're dead anyway!" I wish I had a place to store a coffin. Hubby won't let me store it here. casket -
  5. Nanny Pam

    tablets or laptops ...??

    I want one or the other. Yes, I'm ready to come into the 21st centry. Which way do I go? I know nothing about either one. I am just sick and tired of this big pc taking up desk space. Help. TIA
  6. Nanny Pam

    new tattoos

    2 new tattoos 2night. the big tarentual is on my left calf and the other little one in on my left neck
  7. Nanny Pam

    I could use some advice / help please

    The door on my computers CD rom drive, keeps going open and shut all by itself. I have a ton on music downloaded the now I can't burn it since it opens & closes all the time. How do I fix that. Please help. TIA :jameo:
  8. Nanny Pam

    Can YOU help?

    My Son -in-law in Afghanistan sent this to me. I would love it if we could form groups to gather some Christmas items to send over. Thanks ♥ ~Pam Friends, As the joy of the very special holiday season dawns upon us, and we are thinking of all of our wonderful plans in the warmth of...
  9. Nanny Pam


    I miss the forum. :buddies: Looks like lotsa newbies here. Or are ya'll just MPD's?
  10. Nanny Pam


    I am so sorry that I turned most of you away. Next time, use both your real name and your SOMD name. That way I will know WTF you are. :shrug: I sure wish we had these smilies to FB, too!!
  11. Nanny Pam

    Pump it with air .....

    :howdy: When I was @ my son's house, my DIL had this thing she put olive oil in it, put the top back on, pumped it up full of air (I think) then she used that to spray her pans before cooking. What is that thing called, because I want one. She is still at work and my son is coaching his...
  12. Nanny Pam

    Please keep me, Mommy .....

    Please don't give me away,'s Christmas time. Keep me warm and safe. I could be adopted by someone who will hurt me. Someone who will chain me the wet, cold snow & rain. Don't you even remember how I snuggled with you? Remember how cute I was? Didn't you like my...
  13. Nanny Pam

    Merry Christmas, Kwillia!!!

    XOXOXO Free Ketchup Song E-Cards | Ecards | Greetings | Flash Movies from Millan.Net
  14. Nanny Pam

    Eagles vs Cowboys ...

    Go E-A-G-L-E-S
  15. Nanny Pam

    Hey Lance ....

    You know what I want for Christmas??? Lots of ZZ Top tunes! :smoochy: Thanks, baby!
  16. Nanny Pam

    I'm Tired!

    By: Robert David Hall USMC Vietnam Long read, but read it anyway! I'm Tired--some updates I’ll be 63 soon. Except for one semester in college when jobs were scarce, and a six-month period when I was between jobs, but job-hunting every day, I’ve worked, hard, since I was 18. Despite some...
  17. Nanny Pam

    John Edwards at his wife's side ....

    She's at death's door. :frown: Elizabeth Edwards' doctors say continuing her cancer fight is 'unproductive' | Mail Online
  18. Nanny Pam

    Guess who's moving???

    We are. And we're not coming to SOMD because you guys don't have a Sonic either. Can you imagine??? A resort town... Rehoboth Beach....probably one of the most popular on the east coast, and we don't have a freakin' Sonic! Here I am...almost 59 years old, craving a Sonic milk shake. and...
  19. Nanny Pam

    Nanny & Victoria

    Party time at my sister's house....
  20. Nanny Pam

    Hugs & Kisses ....

    I love you guys. :love: