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  1. GWguy

    The Pillow Guy

    He was just brought up by Trump to talk the people. He's apparently providing services and the prez singled him out to make a speech. Mike the Pillow Guy. :doh:
  2. GWguy


    I needed a haircut before all this started. But being the procrastinator I am, the shops closed before I got one. Starting to look a bit raggedy. I can do some minor trimming, but not much more. It will get to a point when it gets in my eyes, and then the scissors come out. So, decisions...
  3. GWguy

    Oh, the Humanity......

  4. GWguy

    How Much Stimulus Will You Get?

    This article breaks it down pretty well. The amount you get will be based on line 8b of your 2019 1040 form. Even Seniors on SS income will get a check.
  5. GWguy

    Free Crocs

    Just heard on the news that medical workers, nurses, etc, can get a free pair of crocs from the crocs website.
  6. GWguy

    Happy Birthday, Dad!

    My brother just sent me a video and a few pics. His assisted living home is on lockdown, so my brother dropped off a cake. The staff and residents all sang him Happy Birthday, but it was kind of bittersweet. The residents stood outside their apartment doors lining the hallway, couldn't get...
  7. GWguy


    Aldi's has chicken, beef, eggs, milk in limited quantities. Limits in force.
  8. GWguy

    "Be Prepared"

    It's the Boy Scout in me. Not a full prepper, but I do like to think ahead. So today I ran the generators, checked the fuel supply, checked the solar system, charged the extra car batteries, checked flashlights, made sure I had extra AA, AAA and 9v batteries. Good on everything else for a while.
  9. GWguy

    Remember When...?

    It wasn't that long ago that you wouldn't be allowed into stores or restaurants if you were wearing sunglasses. Signs posted on the door to remind you to remove them. Now you can go in with your face completely obscured by a mask.
  10. GWguy

    M.A.F.F. Cancelled

    Very disappointed. I look forward to that show. 😥
  11. GWguy

    Toilet Paper

    Ok, serious. For those people who 'buy as they need', and didn't have more than a few rolls in the house, and can now not find any on the shelves, what are you going to do? What are you going to use in the meantime?
  12. GWguy


    Just letting you know, the leftover potatoes that were cooked with your corned beef.... they make excellent home fries. 😋
  13. GWguy

    Hope You Have Supplies

    Just got back from a trip to Giant and BJs. Not an emergency run, just my normal weekly. Holy Carp. The apocalypse is here. Or so the throngs would indicate. Interesting to see what is selling out; of course, TP, paper towels, milk. But also rice and instant potatoes, no red meat left in...
  14. GWguy

    St. Mary's Co. Intersection Shut Down

    Intersection of Sotterly and 235 shut down. Have to detour around. Couldn't see what was happening.
  15. GWguy

    Breakfast Bars

    Not, not the all-night drinking establishments that serve breakfast. The nut and grain food thingies. I've been getting those for b'fast and snacks. I've been finding the low sugar, low salt version that aren't bad at all. Took a look at the ingredients closely today. One of the grains...
  16. GWguy

    I'm an Aunt!!

    My niece just had a baby girl. Everyone is doing great. Really weird thinking of my younger brother as a grandpa...
  17. GWguy

    Nice Foggy Day for a Walk

    A couple from my walk around Solomons today.
  18. GWguy

    Jokes You've Played on your Friends.

    I have one really gullible friend, easy to fool. A few years back, I got a new truck and was showing it off. I'd say, "Radio, volume up." The volume went up. "Radio, volume down." Volume goes down. "Radio, new station." The station changes. Told my friend to try. No matter how hard he...
  19. GWguy

    Pellet Stove Acting Up

    Shuts down after 10 minutes, then after it cools a bit, turns back on. If you turn it off, the exhaust fan never shuts off. Thermostat relay clicking 1-2 times a second all the time. Trouble shooting guide doesn't have anything exactly like this problem, but the closest thing is a bad...
  20. GWguy

    Cabinet Smoker

    Saw a quick video on tv, guy was using an upright office drawer file as a smoker. So cool! So I tried to find it on YouTube, and was surprised at how many people are doing this!! Never found the one I saw, but these are all just as good...