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  1. crabcake

    Is there any 'there' there?

    Farkas left the gov't in 2015. How would she know any of the Trump staff surveillance was going on IF someone in the Obama administration didn't leak it to her, as well as the fact it was Trump's team vs. Trump (her self-corrected words). She'd have no 'need to know' as a former govie, so how...
  2. crabcake

    Tommie Copper ... Anyone?

    Thinking about trying a couple items, but curious about real world/life experiences. Anyone use anything from the line to offer a :yay: or :boo: ? Thanks in advance! And yes, getting old SUX! :mad:
  3. crabcake

    BUSTED - HRC & DNC role in violent protests @ Trump rallies

    Corrupt Bastards! Paying mentally-ill & homeless people to 'birddog' Trump's events. The levels of scum involved in these activities just sickens me ... it's clear why her campaign has to raise so much damn money. BUSTED! Undercover video shows Democrat operatives admitting they incited...
  4. crabcake

    Great Top Coat

    Really great air-dry top coat! I actually got it as a freebie from Sally's for buying something else (a few regular OPI polishes, I think) a month or so ago. This stuff is awesome! I put one coat on my regular (non-gel) polish a week ago, making sure to wrap the tips, and I have had zero...
  5. crabcake

    Where are all these 'women for Hillary'?

    I keep HEARING she has the women's vote locked up, but the only 'evidence' is likely-BS polls from the MSM. I know this pic is not representative of the entire 'women vote', however there are 21 comments, and not ONE of them is 'pro-HRC' (except maybe the one referencing the bomb trump is...
  6. crabcake

    Now that email has proven to be a blister for politicians ...

    What form of shady, non-transparent communication tactic do you think they will resort to next to keep shiz on the DL? Will they start snapchatting their strategies? :popcorn:
  7. crabcake

    "Sane Progressive" video

    I am not going to pretend I know enough history to validate or refute some of what this woman says, and I thought she might just be stoned while I was watching until the end when she noted she was very exhausted... but, it sure has a lot of valid points about what the Dems are doing, in cahoots...
  8. crabcake

    Shep Smith is getting REALZ about Hurricane Matthew

    I have the news on in background, and Shep is literally (and appropriately) putting the absolute fear of God into viewers. "Get out, or you WILL die; your kids WILL die; your pets WILL die ..." :yikes: Of course, there will be a bunch of knuckleheads who will be all:lalala:... and I hope that...
  9. crabcake

    Do you REALLY need to ask? Link since it doesn't seem to be playing for me when embedded: One thing I do like about Chump - he is not afraid to call out Hill's hypocrisy. :yay: Just hope he does a better job of it come debate time. :ohwell:
  10. crabcake

    Any 'artsy' types around?

    Wasn't sure where else to post this. I have this vase that was given to me with a near-dead plant in it a few years ago by a colleague who was moving. The plant's condition was terminal, but I saved the vase for some reason (I really need to not do that crap!). I'm doing some decluttering, and...
  11. crabcake

    Prez Candidates & "Pet" Causes

    This topic was discussed today on another forum I frequent, and I thought it made for an interesting discussion. There, it was specific to animal rights/abuses (pretty broad really if you factor sport hunting into the mix). The question there was basically "would your position on animal rights...
  12. crabcake

    Excel Gurus - formula help please

    Before I take my laptop out to the range and shoot holes through it ... please ... someone help me if you can! This has literally given me a headache last night through this morning that I finally just managed to get rid of. Excel formulas have always kicked my ass. :doh: I am creating an Excel...
  13. crabcake

    When I hear "...", I can't help but think of "..."

    the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart", I think of the movie "Old School" and the wedding reception band playing their "version" and I always :roflmao: Anyone else have one or more to add?
  14. crabcake

    Recommendations for Wireless Router Card Thingy for Desktop PC

    DQ's Desktop PC does not have built-in wifi (don't get me started on that). I had bought a USB wifi thingy for it last year so she could connect to our home wifi, and it seems to be not working properly, so I need to get her another one. She said she did try to update the drivers. I didn't do...
  15. crabcake

    Vermont Teddy Bear commercial

    Anyone else think the dudes in that commercial are reminiscent of Will Farrell in "Wedding Crashers" when he was trying to bang the widows? Or is it just me? :snacks:
  16. crabcake

    DW Reality Show?

    Ya could've given me a call ... :cheers:
  17. crabcake

    And the gloves are OFF!

    The Republican debate "JV" table, right out of the gate, Carly slams Hillary by noting that, unlike Clinton, Fiorina loves spending time with her husband. :boxing:
  18. crabcake

    Fireplaces for dummies

    Okay, so I am the dummy. :whistle: I have a traditional brick chimney & wood burning FP. I am interested (not sold just yet) on converting it to some sort of no-mess, easy on/off gas FP instead. But I don't quite understand what my options are, and don't want some salesperson selling me more...
  19. crabcake

    Is it just me, or ...

    Do you see it too? :coffee:
  20. crabcake

    What's the craziest/best/worst thing ...

    ... you ever bought online or "as seen on tv"? :snacks: I am thinking through my own, but this seemed like a topic that could produce some laughs, warnings, or at the very least some good tips. :shrug: ... and I am tired of seeing the "creatively post the number" thread at the top of the list.