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  1. ImnoMensa

    Juan Williams Pawned.

    ‪Juan Williams Pwned: Sean Hannity Makes Williams Look Like Complete A$$‬‏ - YouTube I actually felt sorry for Juan. Getting it broken off in you like this has to be a terrible feeling. I do not believe he and Sean are friends, At least not any more they arent.:duel:
  2. ImnoMensa

    First State to Require Environmental Li

    MD Becomes First State to Require Environmental Literacy Environmetal literacy or what the Al Gore sycophants call Environmetal Literacy? MD Becomes First State to Require Environmental Literacy - Southern Maryland News, Charles County, Calvert County and St. Mary's County News
  3. ImnoMensa

    Natural Born Citizen.

    Forgery, Fraud and Ineligibility| The Post & Email I mentioned this the other day and I believe it was Awpitt who said I was full of crap. If I am wrong there are others who are also wrong, but right or wrong , I believe our Teflon boy will survive it. If this article is 100% correct...
  4. ImnoMensa

    Has anyone seen Larry?

    I know things must be pretty hectic at the nursery, but I have't seen Larry in here for a while Hope all is well. I may have just missed seeing his posts..
  5. ImnoMensa

    Happy Easter

    I wish everyone in the forums a Happy and Blessed Easter.
  6. ImnoMensa

    Will they waste a good heart?

    Inmate gets organ transplant evaluation In prison for the rape and Sodomy of a 12 year old. I had a friend that died waiting for a heart, why waste one on this trash?
  7. ImnoMensa

    Just to stir up the dopers.

    Northwest Voices | Disputes over legalization of medical-marijuana dispensaries | Seattle Times Newspaper This will rile up the legalisation dudes.:killingme
  8. ImnoMensa

    Crossdressers and the Ladies room.

    McDonald's Employee Took Credit For Filming Brutal Beating In Baltimore Fast Food Joint | The Smoking Gun These Baltimore sista's know how to deal with crossdressers in the ladies room. Opened a can of Whoop-ass.
  9. ImnoMensa

    Leftists trying to frighten Palin supporters?

    WI Leftist Screams Profanity at 14 Year-Old Girl at Madison Tea Party (Video_ | The Gateway Pundit This is the way leftists are acting at speech's given by Sarah Palin This is their idea of Free Speech.
  10. ImnoMensa

    So: WE got a little wind and some rain.

    Tornadoes, Storms Hit South and Midwest Leaving 43 Dead - ABC News These folks in the same path have 40 dead.
  11. ImnoMensa

    Obama's high speed commuter transportation

    Queens comedian races bus across midtown on kids' toy trike and wins by a country mile - New York Daily News Ride the bus .
  12. ImnoMensa

    I don't want NH boy's throne

    :killingme No I do not want NHboys throne and yes this probably is considered a useless story, for there is nothing in it we didn't know already, but it is fun to watch someone who at least has the courage to say it. I have to say no one running from the RINO sect has the courage. Tea...
  13. ImnoMensa

    What's wrong with this picture ?

    If Mexican trucks cannot pass inspection at the Border they should be turned around until they can pass. Why should America's taxpayers pay to repair Mexico's trucks so that they can take jobs away from American truckdrivers. Feds pay to upgrade Mexican trucks – US trucks not so lucky |...
  14. ImnoMensa

    Deputy shoots dog then quits.

    Deputy shoots dog that growled at her . She shoots the dog three separate times. Once when it is in it's sleeping kennel. The sherriff came to investigate the dog shooting and found it was a Chihuahua. A big Chihuahua I guess. Sheriff's deputy resigns after shooting pet dog - KFVS12...
  15. ImnoMensa

    Ghaddaffi won't show his birt certiicate

    What do Obama and Ghaddafi have in common?? No one knows either ones background.:killingme The Mystery Behind Moammar Gadhafi's Birth: Some Say He's Jewish They believe Ghaddaffi is a Jew. Like some in America think Obama is a Christian.
  16. ImnoMensa

    You won't believe this.

    No it's not satire (I don't think) WORLD Magazine | Today's News, Christian Views President Barack Obama accepted an award for making the government more open and transparent - presented to him behind closed doors with no media coverage or public access allowed...
  17. ImnoMensa

    Understanding using Tomahawks.

    I am having a problem with understanding why we used so many Tomahawk missiles in Libya. I know that Tomahawks are a great weapon and can be used to keep our pilots safe and deliver a lot of explosives on site with accuracy. So far in Libya I have heard no reports of Libyan aircraft...
  18. ImnoMensa

    DOJ . clears itself in Black Panther case

    The Justice Department cleared itself in the case of the Black Panthers at the polling place. Report clears DOJ in Black Panther case - The Washington Post Is anyone else as surprised as I am that this case was whitewashed? No one could see this coming from a mile away.
  19. ImnoMensa

    Who gets the alcohol tax if it passes.

    Only the Orwellian "Ministry of Plenty" could think of this: next year under a statewide alcohol tax, 80% of the new revenues will go to Baltimore City and Prince George's County. The remaining 22 jurisdictions receive nothing. Only the Orwellian "Ministry of Plenty" could think of this: next...
  20. ImnoMensa

    Joke for the day.

    What have Republicans and Democrats got in common? Someone in the Mid East is going to get a Tomahawk.