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  1. WingsOfGold

    Georgia election workers fired, accused of shredding voting applications Is anyone shocked? Think Fulton Co wasn't fixed???? They should shoot the ugly bastards.
  2. WingsOfGold

    Wife recorded for the 13.
  3. WingsOfGold

    Something for the 13 from my wife.

    Click and play
  4. WingsOfGold

    Bastard should be shot on sight

    Bastard should be shot on sight
  5. WingsOfGold

    Jimmy Crack Corn and I DGAF!

    Thieving bastard he was, good news for today. He should have taken Carter who appointed him with him.
  6. WingsOfGold

    Admit it this made you laugh!
  7. WingsOfGold


    Stripping congressmen of committees, impeachment, fence around capitol, thousands of armed guards..... we are phucked. 1776 - 2021 RIP.:mad:
  8. WingsOfGold

    SanFranNan Buys Tesla Stock BIGLY

    Imagine if Trump did this today, last week or tomorrow the shitstorm would never cease, How much money does this bitch need... she's like 112 years old.
  9. WingsOfGold

    Cop Hits Speedbump In Portland

    I like happy endings but he didn't back up to check his frame.
  10. WingsOfGold

    Known Mentally Unstable Freaks Welcomed Into Military

    What could possibly go wrong? Sure, I want these broken units watching my 6. :rolleyes:
  11. WingsOfGold

    Churchill's Bust Removed........... again I guess the inept boy before Trump is still calling the senile bastards shots.
  12. WingsOfGold

    Happy Yet, The Invasion has resumed.

    Hopefully they will settle down among democrap territory... unemployment and KungFlu will now increase again.
  13. WingsOfGold

    Merry Christmas Louise This should make Louise happy, done by all 12 of my wives that I imported...
  14. WingsOfGold

    600 Dollar Stimulus per head. Here's the kicker... additional 600 per child. look for the parasites to rack up 6K or even more. :( Free money is NOT free dumbasses.
  15. WingsOfGold

    A bit of Holiday Cheer Music!

    Cheers and pass around if you like.
  16. WingsOfGold

    GREAT STUFF of days gone by.

    Asssholes today couldn't hold a candle....
  17. WingsOfGold

    Todays Visitor

    I dispatched of some nuisance squirrels today and within 10 minutes this guy came to dinner. Beautiful bird, since he got a large dinner today hopefully the rabbits will live to see another day!
  18. WingsOfGold

    Voters list???

    Does one exist? I have no doubt my kookie dead inlaws voted in Georgia. Is there a way I can find out?