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    We Don't Need You Stinking Volunteers

    Chicago museum fires all of it's mostly White female, financially well-off docents for lack of diversity | Fox News The Art Institute used to have more than 100 docents, 82 of whom were active, until an executive director of learning and engagement, Veronica Stein, sent an email on Sept. 3...
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    Dave Chappelle Canceled

    and loving it...:lol: Rowling was then labeled a 'TERF' by the LGBTQ community - which stands for 'trans-exclusionary radical feminist.' Chappelle joked that he...
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    White House Announces New Cabinet Position

    The White House announced today the creation of a new cabinet level position. The new position will be the Prevarication Czar. The primary duty of the position will be to coordinate all lies from the various cabinets, departments and agencies. The White House has selected Jen Psaki, the current...
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    And the fun begins..

    Hope you liberal effs feel safe with a CIC like Biden. This kind of stuff will become more and more frequent now that you have installed this feeble POS.
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    Who's dumber???
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    School Shooting
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    Just realized I'm having a Kain night and it's not even Thursday..:(
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    It was discovered that the man had been rescued from a multi-day grizzly bear attack at his remote mining claim – stating that after the bear initially attacked, it continued to come back to the shack each night in an attempt to “finish him off”...
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    Think this guy has it exactly right

    Matt Taibbi made such a case about Robin DiAngelo this month, highlighting a passage from the “White Fragility” author’s latest book in which she describes not knowing what to do when having dinner with a black person. She compensates by spouting racial and political bromides in an attempt to...
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    This warms my heart

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    Betting you can't name a man's name that start with A and ends with E.
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    New Penalty Flag for the NFL
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    California Bans Travel to Florida California added five more states, including Florida, to the list of places where state-funded travel is banned because of laws that discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community, the state...
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    MD 2A Softball Championship

    Good luck to the Calvert High School Lady Cavs as they play for the 2A state title at 11am today. :yay:
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    News of the Day

    Since our local news aggregator apparently is sleeping in this morning...I found this..Two of the Democrats Crazies teamed up. Andrew Gillum, last seen in a hotel room drugged with a male hooker, and Katie Hill, last seen in a threesome, started a podcast to tell people that Republicans are crazy.
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    Vehicle Emissions

    Whats more important? the codes shown when running a OBD scan, or a check engine light being out?? Asking because I had a 98 Ranger fail emissions back in March for 2 codes related to the EGR system, no other codes. Replaced EGR valve and sensor and went for re-check today. Attendant noted that...
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    Chesapeake Beach Contamination

    Interesting, but haven't run across this site before so I am not sure if there is an agenda or not. EDIT 'Green' agenda,
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    Part Time Job, Great Money!!

    (another Buddy-Lee special)
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