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  1. Joe'smom

    I've got Hank Williams Jr. Tickets.....

    Got stuck with extra thanks to a 'friend' .....anyone looking to go?
  2. Joe'smom

    My heart just bleeds for you!!!

    This thing comes back more spectacular every year!
  3. Joe'smom

    Bird this a

    Vireo warbler or a knatcatcher?
  4. Joe'smom

    The housing market is for the birds.....

    I found this pair of blue birds looking for low rent housing on Saturday
  5. Joe'smom

    The Osprey are back!!!

    Observed 6 fighting over one nest yesterday.
  6. Joe'smom

    Photography Classes

    Many have expressed the need---I recieved this yesterday...passing it along to anyone who may be interested(with Mr. Tinari's permission of course!) Hi. I am pleased to inform you that I am about to start teaching photography classes at the ArtWorks@7th Gallery, located in North Beach...
  7. Joe'smom

    Anyone taking the Advanced Photog class?

    at Anne Marie Gardens next saturday?---Just curious.....I sent in my tuition last week.
  8. Joe'smom

    Talking about a project for the weekend...

    Here is an article from the "photoshopelementsight".com I thought it was pretty cool and gave a good workout for the modes we arent used to using. Experiment with your camera to see the effect different camera settings have on an image. Try the exercise below, this will help you to realize...
  9. Joe'smom

    Some of my recent shots......

    C & C greatly appreciated!
  10. Joe'smom

    3" across--Don't like spiders?--this aint for you!

    This lady was in my bathroom the other night---scared the crappola out of my husband---luckily he didn't kill it---I put it in a gallon jar and got out the camera!!!! Black Water Spider--cousin to the Wolf Spider----hunts down prey instead of snaring in a web----will "dive under water" to catch...
  11. Joe'smom

    Some new friends.....

    I found in the back yard!!!:lmao:
  12. Joe'smom

    If it's raining out...

    I play with water in!!!
  13. Joe'smom

    Heye INKPEN--Young blue heron?

    Found this little guy up in hungerford creek--there are several(at least 5) large adults in this one area--not suprised to see the little one--just hoping thats what it is.....
  14. Joe'smom

    Crititique Welcomed......

    Tell me what you think .....I took this at sunset.....the before and after show the difference--I like it but I want the objectivity of others.
  15. Joe'smom

    Anyone heard from "Twighlight"?

    :jet:Haven't seen him on here in a while---maybe he's moving? Hope he's ok---seeing as how he likes to ride shotgun to COPPERHEADS!!!:shocking:
  16. Joe'smom

    Question: Is there a way to link to gallery?

    I know you can link photos from your member gallery to here but....can you do the opposite? All the stuff I have uploaded here ---I'd like to send to my member gallery---I can't upload every shot I think I might use in the forum--and unfortunately it takes for-friggin- ever to upload to the...
  17. Joe'smom

    Concert Season

    Allot of concerts coming up---with great photo ops!! Post your concert pics--they are quite the challenge! Here are a couple of Dierks Bentley from last weekend.
  18. Joe'smom

    Yay! The bugs are out--post your MACRO"S!

    Anyone else getting any good insect shots?--Post em up!
  19. Joe'smom

    Jumping Spider scores a meal

    Found this guy on the rail of my chain link fence--too bad I didn't have my macro lense with me :(
  20. Joe'smom

    Anyone into shooting water?

    My attempt to catch "the perfect drop"