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  1. Smokey1

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Saw this and had to bring it here. Its hilarious. Don't know who wrote it but its right on the money.
  2. Smokey1

    Controversial billboard in Calvert County causing a stir

    Saw this on facebook, its hilarious. I don't know how to put the photo here so you will have to go to the link.
  3. Smokey1

    Unspeakable Truths about Racial Inequality in America

    A friend posted this over on the old Sun Board. Of course none of those leftists have responded. The article is dead on, try to read it to the end.
  4. Smokey1

    Norwegian flag on inn mistaken for Confederate flag.

    You can't overestimate the ignorance and stupidity of many leftists. Think I will order a Norwegian flag today. :)
  5. Smokey1

    Another hate crime hoax: Oregon commission candidate admits he wrote ‘racist’ letter to himself

    It appears actual racist hate crimes are so rare that people have to make them up. Got to reinforce that victim status.
  6. Smokey1

    National Parks are now racist.

    Sorry duplicate thread
  7. Smokey1

    San Francisco police halt release of most mug shots in effort to stop fueling racial bias Wow! So much for having the public help find criminals.
  8. Smokey1

    Historical marker removed in Salisbury, books are next.

    Now they are going after historical markers. Are book burnings next? If history offends you, you are the problem
  9. Smokey1

    Rhode Island considers name change due to slavery connotations

    This crap is completely nuts now. I guess the word "plantation" is now racist. The lone black state legislator insists it is. Did all plantations involve slavery? Did Rhode Island ever have plantations with African slaves working the fields...
  10. Smokey1

    Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy

    Another institution ruined by liberals. Everything thing they touch turns to crap. Read the comments section, some are trying to claim its "straight" men molesting the boys. Pathetic.
  11. Smokey1

    Michelle Obama Says 'White Flight' Destroyed Her Community

    How is anyone responsible for what happens in a community once they are gone? It isn't the people who left who trash the neighborhood. Seems like the people who leave did the...
  12. Smokey1

    Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: ‘There Is No Gay Gene’ Uh oh!
  13. Smokey1

    NBC News columnist claims heterosexuality just isn't working.

    An editorial by NBC News columnist claims that recent events have proven that heterosexuality is "just not working". You think you have heard of everything but this nonsense just gets more unbelievable. It looks like Ms. Bianco needs a lesson in biology and species promulgation...
  14. Smokey1

    Psychology Today: People Refusing To Date Transgenders Is ‘Dehumanizing’

    Wow! These people are truly nuts. I wouldn't want to date a trans woman because I would always still see them as a man. Sorry but that thinking is beyond my control.
  15. Smokey1

    NYC Dept. of Education; Individualism is white supremacy culture

    Amazing. Individualism is one of the things that have made this a great and successful country. Its a major concept of western civilization.
  16. Smokey1

    Long Island University to eliminate "racist" mascot.

    Long Island University is going to eliminate its mascot "Blackbirds", one reason is because some are saying it is racist. Will the Baltimore Ravens be next? SMH
  17. Smokey1

    Think Progress editor wants to confront Republicans in their homes.

    This lefty must be suicidal.