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  1. Beta84

    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    FWIW, I've heard that Good Earth will get anything that Mom's has and provide it at lower prices. I don't know how true that is, but a friend of mine goes there instead of Mom's and gets everything for all sorts of food allergies. I like Mom's though :yay: But I wish we had whole foods...
  2. Beta84

    Saphron Restaurant in Prince Frederick

    I agree, it's nice to see prices listed online. I think most of their stuff is in the low 20s, but you can find a few things cheaper. The reason I'm responding is because regardless of what the bread pudding looks like (I didn't see the picture), it's FANTASTIC. Absolutely their specialty...
  3. Beta84

    Saphron Restaurant in Prince Frederick

    I'm trying to understand what gives... My favorite restaurant in this area, by far, is Saphron. They have fresh food, they buy local, and they have great and incredibly friendly service. The only place I've been to in Calvert that can even compete with the quality is CD Cafe. In St Mary's...
  4. Beta84

    "Too attractive to work"

  5. Beta84

    So I had a :wr: moment.

    exactly. on average you're always within 3 feet of a spider, so just imagine how many there are in your yard. sorry wr :whistle:
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    "Too attractive to work"

    For this area, there's no way she's a zero. Just the fact that she doesn't weigh 300 lbs makes her at least a 1. :coffee:
  7. Beta84

    Is Potbelly open or not?

    terrible location. It's not very close to the base, so they won't get most of the base traffic for lunch. For dinner, it's blockaded by the never-ending right-turn lane of traffic headed to Calvert. Unless they plan on making all of their money on Saturday/Sunday, I sense they'll be closing...
  8. Beta84

    "Too attractive to work"

    I never said you were :love:
  9. Beta84

    "Too attractive to work"

  10. Beta84

    Today's annoyance - HOORAY!

    If the people you're calling know you at all, they're probably coordinating this effort just to mess with you. :coffee:
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    "Too attractive to work"

    average at best. :yikes:
  12. Beta84

    OweMalley signs gas tax bill.

    another reason to dislike him :coffee:
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    home appraised at 47k less now, than 5 months ago

    do it! by the time you get around to refi we'll be through all this crap (hopefully..............) then again, most people getting mortgages around now won't be refinancing any time soon since the rates are so low but honestly, home values are around the lowest they're going to get (maybe...
  14. Beta84

    Please help me convince a friend...

    When a thread like this has to be made because of all the drama, that answers the question without needing to ask it. It might eventually "work out," which gives people hope to hang on, but there are plenty of other people who can also make you happy without the unnecessary drama. And don't...
  15. Beta84

    Beltway Etiquette

    Interesting...I consider the beltway drivers better than what I encounter in other parts of Maryland and other parts of the country. Perspective.
  16. Beta84

    Breaking News

    holy crap...Hank doesn't exist? My mind = blown. What a plot twist! :popcorn:
  17. Beta84

    Breaking News

    :killingme that was classic
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    Sequestration Follies

    The world would, most of this county wouldn't. Only a few mom & pop stores in Ridge would survive. You have to think about how all of those businesses get helped by people that work on the base that would no longer be spending their money there. Or even the people who spend their money there...
  19. Beta84

    Need to start selling stuff

    only problem is he wouldn't make profit off of it. Then again, unless he sells it by next month, the $173/mo is probably more expensive than what he'd get. So you probably have an awesome idea there! :lol:
  20. Beta84

    Burt's Dinner Friday Night

    I think she bolded my comment about you wanting his 2 cents. I was just making a really bad money joke and was hoping to score you 2 cents. :dance: