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  1. Surf City Baby

    stuff I'd never seen

    Before moving to Southern Maryland from Southern California, where I was born and spent the first 36 1/2 years of my life, I had never * seen a lightning bug * seen the Atlantic Ocean * driven on a carpet of tiny frogs after a hard rain (didn't like that one bit) * been in a thunderstorm...
  2. Surf City Baby


    I think they ought to move the team to Puerto Rico. They've been drawing decent crowds, and I think the territory -- and certainly the city in which the team plays -- would be grateful for the attention, the boost for the local economy, and for their own boys of summer.
  3. Surf City Baby

    duck food

    courtesy of my twelve-year-old nephew A duck walks into 7-11, goes up to the counter, looks up at the clerk, and says, "Hi. Do you have any duck food?" The puzzled clerk takes a beat, then says, "No, we don't have any duck food. This is 7-11! Now get outta here!" The duck shrugs -- no big...
  4. Surf City Baby

    CCWW, Chapter Three

    I love living in the country. Despite having found ticks attached to my person, being bitten by enough mosquitoes to fell a cow, being attacked by a praying (preying?) mantis, and occasionally having to drive on roads covered with seventeen live frogs per square inch, I love it. One of the...
  5. Surf City Baby

    tax cut poll

    I've just finished perusing Christy's "tax cut" thread. Great thread. I only wish s/he'd attached a poll to it. So here's a poll. Me? I plan to increase my 401(k) withholding by whatever percentage, if any, my federal income tax is decreased.
  6. Surf City Baby

    what's your opinion?

    Seems some regulars don't much care for Southern MD or for Southern Marylanders. What's your opinion? I'm curious. I'm a native Californian, have lived in Charles Co. for less than three years. Other than a good case of culture shock, which I'm just about over, I find nothing wrong with the...
  7. Surf City Baby

    Mosquito Control in Charles Co.?

    For the life of me, I can't seem to connect with anyone in Charles Co. that knows about county mosquito control. I've bounced around from public services to health dept. to something called "settlement control...." All I need to know is * Does Charles County have a mosquito control...