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  1. Beta84

    Saphron Restaurant in Prince Frederick

    I'm trying to understand what gives... My favorite restaurant in this area, by far, is Saphron. They have fresh food, they buy local, and they have great and incredibly friendly service. The only place I've been to in Calvert that can even compete with the quality is CD Cafe. In St Mary's...
  2. Beta84

    University of Maryland to the Big Ten?

    I'm curious what you Terps fans think of Maryland leaving the ACC and going to the Big Ten (12...14...). The vote should come today. If they vote yes, mighty Rutgers will probably join them. What do you think?
  3. Beta84

    BlueJays now contenders in AL East...

    The Blue Jays just picked up 5 players from the Marlins, instantly making them a contender. As a (former) Marlins fan that just started following the O's this year, I needed somewhere to vent my frustration . Not only did the Marlins sell off their entire team (for the 3rd bleeping time!), but...
  4. Beta84

    Santorum beats Romney in Iowa...

    Iowa GOP Declares Caucuses 'split Decision' After Final Count Shows Santorum With 34 More Votes Than Romney | Fox News It looks like Santorum ended up with 34 more votes than Romney (with 8 precincts apparently "missing" that can't be counted). I wonder if that changes anything in the eyes...
  5. Beta84

    Vick should have been executed

    Fox's Tucker Carlson says Michael Vick of Philadelphia Eagles 'should be executed' for dogfighting - ESPN This article is about a sports figure, discussed due to criticism of Obama, and covers religion. I have no idea where this discussion should go, so this is as good of a place as any! I...
  6. Beta84

    Roadside Crosses by Jeffery Deaver

    I just got through reading this "New York Times Bestseller" and thought it was pretty good. The reason I'm posting it is because the book was centered around a blog website and its comment/forum section. It was pretty funny in that regard, since it shows you how common hatred and discontent...
  7. Beta84

    Grossman to the Skins

    Washington Redskins agree with Rex Grossman on one-year deal - ESPN Rex Grossman is a Redskin! :yahoo:
  8. Beta84

    IPT parking garage closed this Thursday?

    Nothing like getting a phone call just before 11PM to tell me that some parking garage is closed. They said the garage for building 2273 I that the IPT parking garage? Figured I'd post this up since some people may ignore their phone calls. They are offering buses and satellite...
  9. Beta84

    Dear vrai,

    NMCI came dangerously close to banning everyone on the base from the forums. A few people were down and out for a few minutes. Vrai, I think you need to sick the hounds on them and make sure they don't ban us. We'd all be terribly bored and the activity on this site would be cut in half...
  10. Beta84

    The Year In Review

    Dave Barry's year in review: 2009 - Living - I've always been a fan of Dave Barry and his year in review. Thought I'd share.
  11. Beta84

    Fireworks on 9/11???

    really had no clue where to put this, so I'm going with here since it's easier... So I was driving home this evening on 301, just north of the Rte 4 exit, and what do I see?? FIREWORKS! I was in such shock and anger that I flew by a cop and was lucky as crap not to get pulled over. As I...
  12. Beta84

    College Football begins this Thursday!

    Oregon vs Boise State, Thursday at 10:15! :yahoo: Do any of you care about college football? :ohwell: Navy should be pretty decent this year and end up in their usual bowl game. The Terps will be lucky if they go to a bowl, though. :dye:
  13. Beta84

    Political Spectrum Quiz

    Political Spectrum Quiz - Your Political Label Compass: You are a center-right social moderate. Right: 1.97, Authoritarian: 0.65 See! :neener:
  14. Beta84

    Megan Fox is hot!

    Apparently some evil people wanted to run some sort of Megan Fox ban today, August 4th... Asylum Announces 'A Day Without Megan Fox' - Here is the letter they sent around: In honor of that, here are some links about it that are saying F*** YOU to this horrible people and...
  15. Beta84

    To my dearest girlygirl

    To fill everyone in, GG and I were chatting as usual and today's discussion led to the following: "Damn.. u caught me.. I def do have a secret crush on u but think its too weird now that we are so close.. I thought ud never figure it out." GG, it's not weird at all. Just let it be...
  16. Beta84

    Next up,!

    Maybe SingerLady's lawsuit against SOMD will be on CNN next. :doh: I figure with the comments occasionally made about this kind of stuff, it may be a piece of interest :lol: Black Philadelphia police sue over message board, say it's racist -
  17. Beta84

    SOMD March Madness pool?

    Do you guys do a march madness bracket every year? I imagine there must be enough people with interest to get one going if this isn't done every year. Selection Sunday just over a week away!
  18. Beta84

    Paying $15 and hour to shovel snow... Spokane, Washington. Evidently they're having more snow than normal so they're recruiting people to get rid of it. Having fun on vacation, 4D? :lmao: arg I typoed...$15 AN hour. :banghead:
  19. Beta84

    Muslim family removed from Air Tran flight

    Thought this was interesting. A family discusses the safest place to sit on an airplane and gets removed from the flight. I've heard so many people have that discussion at the start of a flight! People are always trying to catch the terrorists! 'Safest' seat remarks get Muslim family...
  20. Beta84

    Happy Hanukkah!

    I know there are 2 or 3 Jews on this happy hanukkah to all of you! And happy hanukkah to everyone else if it makes you feel loved. :huggy: