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  1. unixpirate

    Does anyone know where I can get a steel drum?

    Long time family friends!
  2. unixpirate

    Pizza delivery - delivery charges

    I delivered for Pizza Hotline. Their is two zones so the delivery charge varies. Zone 1 is $1.50 and zone 2 is $2.50. The delivery charge does go to the driver and does NOT cover any insurance or such. It's a cover for people that DON'T tip and more or less went in the gas tank. The company has...
  3. unixpirate

    Does anyone know where I can get a steel drum?

    The Morgans down 236. They have a sign out on the road. $15.
  4. unixpirate

    My first turkey!

    Food Channel is your friend. :1bdz:
  5. unixpirate

    Hey Wharf Rat.. Sky update

    Wow! She is beautiful and looks very happy. The last time I saw you was at tidewater. My two bad toddlers are loving it here, but can't understand why our yard is 6 tons of gravel instead of grass. But we are in the desert. :lol: Sorry it took so long to respond, I am not on here much!
  6. unixpirate

    I'm hungry

    Red and Green is better in NM. :buddies:
  7. unixpirate

    10 McRib Facts

  8. unixpirate

    Hey Wharf Rat.. Sky update

    Is that the Sky I know?
  9. unixpirate

    3rd Dog-Gone Tiki Bar Family Pet Day

    Sorry just saw this. Haven't been on somd in awhile. I am in the Southwest. Las Cruces, NM. :howdy: 10 hrs from Cali. I am a movie star in my own mind. :lmao:
  10. unixpirate

    3rd Dog-Gone Tiki Bar Family Pet Day

    Wish I could make it. But it's a little to far away.
  11. unixpirate

    3rd Dog-Gone Tiki Bar Family Pet Day

    Mine are well behaved, can I bring them? :howdy: :lol:
  12. unixpirate

    Lowes A Rip Off

    That was truly painful to read. Now my head hurts. :cds:
  13. unixpirate

    I hate summer here.

    You could have 6 tons of gravel as a yard and think it's beautiful. :howdy:
  14. unixpirate

    Getting Your Credit Report

    I just did it. No problems..
  15. unixpirate

    Morning Joe

    Love Mika. :hot:
  16. unixpirate

    Where to go crabbing at?

    Go on the Island across that little bridge at that small beach. Follow that all the way around the corner to a flat rock. Put out your stakes about 5 feet out with your lines of chicken necks. It's big enough to have chairs and a cooler. One tree will give you shade if you take your pets. I did...
  17. unixpirate

    The truth

    Well the mother use to manage the other Lenny's restaurant and got fired. Then went to the Early Bird. Don't know the status. I am just really curious if my SIL is telling the truth since he's been lieing to us since the day he got married to my wonderful daughter. But if it's a family thing...
  18. unixpirate

    The truth

    My SIL is telling us/his wife(our daughter) he is going to be the Sous chef at supposedly the new restaurant where the Willows use to be. First of all he has NO schooling of any kind in that field. He said his Mom is going to be the new Chef/Manager? Does anyone have an inside scoop, please tell...
  19. unixpirate

    Jilted ex-boyfriend puts up abortion billboard

    That's an hour East of me. :howdy: