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  1. mAlice

    VA Democrats SCRAMBLE After Governor’s DISGUSTING Comments On Killing Babies AFTER Birth
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    Azealia Banks slams the entire Country of Ireland

    In one instance, she asked an Irish commenter: “Don’t you have a famine to go die in?” while in another Banks branded Irish people "inbred leprechauns who have ZERO global influence."...
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    Wearing a MAGA hat

    is the same as wearing a mini skirt. If you wear either, you're just asking for it.
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    Journalist Fired

    A journalist was fired after his employer found he had tweeted out his wish that the Covington Catholic kids and their parents be killed...
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    13 yo Jayme Closs Found

    A missing 13-year-old Wisconsin girl kidnapped after her parents were found murdered in their home last October has been found alive, police say. Jayme Closs was reunited with family members Thursday night, police said. She was found in Gordon, Wisconsin...
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    A Soldiers Deck of Cards
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    Can you hear it without crying?
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    Build The Wall A wide-reaching new poll conducted by Harvard...
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    Rand Paul 2018 Festivus Edition of "The Waste Report" Begin, page 6
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    We The People Will Fund The Wall

    $3,058,605 of $1.0B goal
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    Christmas Menu

    This is my tentative Christmas Dinner Menu. Sides are maybe/most likely. Interested in what others are serving, I could change my mind. Prime Rib Stuffed Acorn Squash Green Beans Brussels Sprouts Baked Potatoes Dinner Rolls Blueberry Pie Buttermilk Pie
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    Trump Cancels WH/Press Christmas Party HaHa
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    Because of Hateful Parents

    11-Year-Old Changes His “Presidential” Last Name Because Of MERCILESS Bullying
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    detectives arrest 103 suspects in prostitution, trafficking
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    Bondage Breakers

    I ran across a young woman in front of TS, raising money for this organization. Most, if not all, govt funded rehab is just shy of 30 days. Most people who go into these programs need more than 30 days. Here's an organization that will help you for a year. You, or your loved one, may...
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    New Chickie, Right on Schedule

    We finally let one of our girls go broody. We don't have a rooster, so we purchased a dozen fertile eggs. The other girls were messing with her, and she was off of the eggs for 6-8 hours one day, so we were wondering if we'd even have babies. Well, here's baby #1. We see how many successful...
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    Gentle Rock Tossing
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    Lies of Feminism
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    George Orwells Last Interview
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    New York Immigration Lawyer Found Guilty of Large-Scale Asylum Fraud

    A New York lawyer has been found guilty of large-scale asylum fraud after she was caught running a scheme to help immigrants who would normally be denied entry to the US, win asylum in the country. READ MORE...