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  1. Pete

    Man punches seat back of reclined seat in front of him

    Hell yes I recline. It's not like it reclines more than 2 inches anyway. Of course do it slowly. That said I fly a lot of international and the airline gods have mercy and international flights tend to have a tad more room. I always come out of pocket and upgrade on United to get an...
  2. Pete

    Pete and Trump?

    I agree
  3. Pete

    She Guevara Rants!

    Has this goober ever stated for the record what she considers a "livable wage"?
  4. Pete

    Iranian woman schools the progs

    Bump for Transporter
  5. Pete

    Narcolepsy, the new fad disability?

    I have it.
  6. Pete

    Mayor Pete Wants to Decriminalize 'Meth, Coke, Ecstasy,' Not Just Pot

    See I am torn. It is easy when there is no emotional connection to an addict who offs themselves. It is arguable that not all addicts are the scuzzy bottom dwellers who dies in some abandoned building covered in scabs and lice. That's what we are led to believe form TV and movies. I...
  7. Pete

    Mayor Pete Wants to Decriminalize 'Meth, Coke, Ecstasy,' Not Just Pot

    He will definitely remember his birthday. He is up in Maine now in that chaos.
  8. Pete

    Trump Golfing Vacations......................118 Million to Tax Payers

    Yea, I don't care. Didn't care when Obama did it, or W.
  9. Pete

    Biden Attacked Texas Governor For Signing Law Letting Churchgoers Carry Guns: ‘Totally Irrational’

    Wasn't it Biden who said something about a shotgun and blasting away last election?
  10. Pete

    Mayor Pete Wants to Decriminalize 'Meth, Coke, Ecstasy,' Not Just Pot

    I am assuming Mayor Pete is applying fundamental principles of economics to his position. Drug treatment and rehab cost thousands per person multiple times. Many of them are on welfare, Medicaid and Section 8 costing us even more. Enhanced law enforcement, jail costs boost these drains on...
  11. Pete

    Why isn’t Pelosi sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate?

    She is going to stall until the 2020 elections in hopes that if Trump wins they can gain seats in the Senate and then send it hoping they can remove him. Of course the flaw in that logic is that he will have won re-election and then her garbage is truly a coup.
  12. Pete

    Trump brought this upon himself

    Typical liberal tactic. They repeat a complete untruth in front of a mirror 1000 times and presto, it becomes the truth.
  13. Pete

    Trump 2020

    You calling Hillary weak? Immensely weak? Shirley you jest. Perhaps you mean unlikeable, or vile, repugnant even? Now your party trots out Repugnant part 2, 3, 4,5 , 6, 7 8, 9, and an old man who never had a glory day to begin with, who is running on his glory days. You are going to get...
  14. Pete

    Trump 2020

    I was thinking of starting with Judge of the Orphans Court in St. Mary's but I would consider the Senate.
  15. Pete

    Trump 2020

    I appreciate your support
  16. Pete

    Why do you personally support Trump?

    Because it angers Transporter so
  17. Pete

    Gov. Hogan gives MORE of our money away to Baltimore!

    Well when you consider the amount of income, sales, corporate and other taxes that come out of SOMD compared to the amount of funding that comes back in I wouldn't say it ALL comes from SOMD just a bunch of it. No city water except where the developer has to install it City sewer only in...