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  1. Wi Hahn

    BET Award

    Hello, Thank You. Hahn visit BET Award on Boardwalk. Not California. North Beach Marryrand over weekend. Very strange peoples, funny clothes. Funny music , say bad words. Must be important peoples, Washington DC vehicrle tags. Hahn go now.
  2. Wi Hahn

    hahn have joke, you laugh..

    Chinese executive have big probrem with technical issue. He bring many smart peoples to instructional academy. Very smart. First he give test to group to see who introvert , who extrovert, then make two teams... separated the teams... Under regulations by peoples leaders the probrem was given...
  3. Wi Hahn

    I make shirt too..

    hello. Hahn is supressed and nobody care?! Friends say, "Hahn you discrimminate against"! I go to store in Gleat Mills, " Children say, "ching chong chinaman sitting on fence"... Hahn have no fence. Is that racist? Am I discriminated" How I get money and shirt?
  4. Wi Hahn

    let me introdooce cousin Patel...

    Herro, Hahn wear out welcome here. I let cousin Patel Hahn take over... he from man on brock with new thing to share American peoples. Probabby now hate climes against Indians...not woo woo indians in John Wayne indian. good ruck.
  5. Wi Hahn

    me say you know too...

    if Hahn live in atlanta, chicago, Detroit, I move too...Brack people are clazy...
  6. Wi Hahn

    Attention prease!!

    Hahn see report the New Work police make house visit if you make bad comments to Asian. Ha! very funny and good! Asian is like brack man. We build lailload and make chiken fo you too long. Hahn know who say , no cat near Chinesee restaurant! Not so, maybe I call New Work and report!! Hoo laugh...
  7. Wi Hahn

    excuse prease.

    Hahn confused. Is this man girl or girl man? why they do that? South Korea's first transgender soldier dies, spurring calls for change (
  8. Wi Hahn

    Asian History month

    so, today start Asian History month. Hahn very proud. Maybe get TV show, star on commercial, marry black wife... Hahn buy new shoes too. No discount. Tell me favorite Asian you have...when Hahn can knock down more American statues please...
  9. Wi Hahn

    Hahn say, this crazy american?

  10. Wi Hahn

    Hahn have joke

    What’s the difference between the bird flu and the swine flu?
  11. Wi Hahn

    Herro, Hahn back...nock nock,

    question prease... Hahn on Pennslvania ave to find white goverrment house on corner. Man say, "Hahn, go see man, Ron Klain and Miss Susan Rice with package of important paper". Hahn say, how I get in house? Man say nock on door, old man with squinty eye, name Joe, let you in...he dorman or...
  12. Wi Hahn

    Hanh go now, come back one year...

    Hahn say go now see you rater crocodiles..
  13. Wi Hahn

    TRUMP imprisons proud native American

    83-Year-Old Indian Priest Slammed in Jail on Trumped Up Terror Charges (
  14. Wi Hahn

    Hahn want to be famous...

    please find american cat that say smaht alec thing to me.. for example... Joe, you not so smaht!!
  15. Wi Hahn

    Fat Larry stiil numbah ONE

    Former Hogan Official faces child porn charges - he have boom boom with rittle gurl. maybe he wok fo Larry to get gurl fo Joe...Larry Democrat fo sho, fo sho
  16. Wi Hahn

    Hahn invention! You like!

    Hahn go to Panerah to eat. When mask come off, it drop in soup! No good, make mask chicken soup. Germ!! Idea in Hahn head!! Sell wire rack to Panerah for to hang mask at table, no more mask soup! Sandwich too! How you eat sandwich with mask on? Vwer hard!! Maybe sell rack to otha place too! Put...
  17. Wi Hahn

    victory fo Korea...

    Misstah Rarry say he surrender to superior country South Korea today. Very smart move. Maybe make goverment very superior too. I dont know. Marryrand now called Korealand. You like. We have nail salon, american restaurant, serve bacon egg, flied chiken too. Korean people no say hohhhh gan, to...
  18. Wi Hahn

    How Up Blitches!!

    Wi go to famous chicken eat place on Glate Mill Road! People say hey, rook at Chineee man eat gleasy too!! Man have funny gold teeth, where he get them I dont know.. Wi join Mans possey, and ride in cah with brack window. How he see out, I dont know. We talk to lady ... she say funny things but...
  19. Wi Hahn

    Thanks giving

    Wi confuse. What this thanks fo giving? Wi brother We, not Wa, give me many thing. we no say Thanks, he mean. Wi sister Wq, wery confuse. She think she boy. She go to education center 24 years now. She never say thanks.
  20. Wi Hahn


    fatha dead now, time to move onward. Hello, Wu Hahn son here, hello. we win now, sell many thing to Urope. We sell many thing to Lussa too. Hahn son say, sell Wu's correction of toys to rich americans. Keep watch, I sell soon! Good by now, Wi.