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  1. Roberta

    Time to escape from New York! Check out the top left of this page. hehehe..
  2. Roberta

    Hey Rosered

    I found this trip down memory lane. Frontier Village Main Gate
  3. Roberta

    So young.....

    Stuart Swanlund Obituary: View Stuart Swanlund's Obituary by Spartanburg Herald-Journal Ride In Peace by The Marshall Tucker Band (from Dedicated) - YouTube
  4. Roberta

    I thought I would share....

    Interview with Janet Evanovich. The Talk Video - Janet Evanovich"s New Book -
  5. Roberta

    Ok Fashion Police have at it.....

  6. Roberta

    TMI! Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Vajazzled

    Fashion czars will promote anything to make a buck. TMI! Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Vajazzled "For Special Occasions" | YourTango
  7. Roberta

    J.P. Cusick

    I know I should not respond to this "person", but it is too hard not to. As I read through his responses I came up with a few explanations about J.P. Cusick. Pick one or feel free to post any other ones that come to mind.
  8. Roberta

    N.C pastor just "joking" about hitting kids

    I love the way he is back peddling now. Pastor telling people that they have his permission to beat their children. I also love the link to other articles on the right. Looking at him my GAYdar went up. N.C. pastor just 'joking' about hitting kids who seem gay
  9. Roberta

    I saw this on facebook. It is funny as hell.

    THE JOVERS - YouTube
  10. Roberta

    Jeepers Creepers

    Did you eve wonder what these mean? Jeepers Creepers = Jesus Christ Jeez = Jesus Jeezy Creezy = Jesus Christ Jehoshaphat = Jesus Jiminy Christmas = Jesus Christ Jiminy Cricket = Jesus Christ Jiminy Jillikers = Jesus Christ Judas Priest = Jesus Christ Jumping Jehoshaphat = a milder...
  11. Roberta

    I found this gross version of......

    Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham. It sounds gross to me. Presto®: Pressure Cooking Recipes: Southern Stuffed Ham Steaks
  12. Roberta

    Old Butch

    Old Butch John was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young layers (hens), called 'pullets,' and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs. He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced. This took a lot of time, so he bought some...
  13. Roberta

    Technology is fueling neurotic parents...

    'Smartwear' for babies gives parents peace of mind? Or not? -
  14. Roberta

    Ma and Pa Kettle

    This reminds me of so many people today. Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm - (1951 Clip) - YouTube
  15. Roberta

    Female Found Behind St. Mary's Square, Deceased

    Female Found Behind St. Mary's Square, Deceased - Southern Maryland News, Charles County, Calvert County and St. Mary's County News It was just a matter of time.
  16. Roberta

    It's snowing.....

    here in Lexington Park/Great Mills.
  17. Roberta

    Tippity Wichity Island

    Tippity Wichity Island I never knew this island existed until I was looking at google maps. Does anyone know anything about it? Is is privately owned? Google Maps
  18. Roberta

    Best Mom Confessions of 2011

    Best Mom Confessions of 2011 1. Everyone thinks I'm such a great mom for teaching my daughter how to read already. It wasn't me. It was the LeapFrog pen. I had no idea she could read. 2. When I get grouchy, I send myself to my room. Kids bang on the door and I tell them I can't come out and...
  19. Roberta

    Woman sues bar for not checking her ID

    Talk about not taking responsibility for your own actions. What a crock. Hank, I am interested in what side you take on this. SC woman sues bar for not checking her ID |
  20. Roberta

    Stuffed Beef

    Who knew?? Stuffed Sirloin Tip Roast - YouTube