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  1. BadGirl

    American Broadband

    Does anyone know of a phone prompt listing for tech support for ABB? You #1 for cable internet, press #3 for whatever...... Spending over an hour to reach someone by phone is terribly annoying.
  2. BadGirl

    I just don't want to...

    get a COVID vaccine. I don't have a good reason why not, but I am not the least bit interested in getting one. There. I said it.
  3. BadGirl

    St. Mary's Co. Ethanol-free Fuel?

    Who sells ethanol-free fuel in the Southern MD area, favoring the LexPk area? We need some.
  4. BadGirl

    Traffic accident 235S @ Poplar Ridge Rd.

    Bad accident. I'd you need to get past Hermanville on 235S, you will need to cut across Hermanville to Route 5 and head south that way.
  5. BadGirl

    Traffic accident 235S @ Poplar Ridge Rd.

    Bad accident. I'd you need to get past Hermanville on 235S, you will need to cut across Hermanville to Route 5 and head south that way.
  6. BadGirl

    Is it ever a good thing when....

    a representative from the Department of Assessments and Taxation leaves a card at your house saying that your property was reviewed? I didn't think so. :bawl: I'm scared.
  7. BadGirl

    Physical Therapist Recommendation - LexPk area

    I need a recommendation for a Physical Therapist in Lexington Park. One that is decent, and conscience of a clock....that won't leave me in the waiting room long after my scheduled appointment. Bonus points for someone close to Pax. Thanks!
  8. BadGirl

    It's against the law to check the time

    I was driving our beater car the other week, the one that I try to keep at my office parking lot in case I need to get home outside of my carpool arrival/departure times. This was right after the time change, so the clock in the old car was off on the time....actually, even before the time...
  9. BadGirl

    Black Liquorice

    I love this shiat. My personal favorite: the bags you get at Target made by Australia's Darrell Lea. It's squishy soft with a really strong liquorice flavor. :drool:
  10. BadGirl

    Smcps hac

    What is the log-in configuration for gaining access? Such as.... User name: First Name.Last Name Password: Student ID Number
  11. BadGirl

    You know what pizzes me off?

    Sweet pickle/sweet pickle relish in tuna fish. Seriously, I am pizzed. I rarely even order tuna salad, but today I did, and after one bite, I had to throw it away. Tuna fish should ONLY have dill pickle in it. And that was my last $5 in cash - I was notified by my bank this morning that...
  12. BadGirl

    Would you marry a convict?

    Just curious if you'd be willing to marry a person who had been in jail before? I'm not talking about becoming the spouse of someone who spend a night in jail for something simple; I'm talking about someone who has spend a fair amount of time in jail, for something somewhat big. Me? No...
  13. BadGirl

    Gifts That you Received That You Didn't Want, but Now LOVE

    I got a present recently that I never wanted, didn't appreciate as I opened it, but have now come to LOVE. It's a table-top pressure cooker, with multi-functionality. I can use it as a pressure cooker (duh!), a slow cooker, a skillet to sauté, and a steamer/rice cooker. It's pretty damn...
  14. BadGirl

    I'm not sure I can last until Tuesday

    I have a toothache so bad I am about to grab a pair of pliers and yank out my tooth, only I am not positive on which one is actually the one causing the pain. I'd hate to discover that the tooth I did pull out wasnt the problem one, and I'd have to pull out other teeth to get to the root of the...
  15. BadGirl

    what's up with the traffic throughLeonardtown?

    Northbound 5 is at a stand still. Why?
  16. BadGirl

    Baby Found Dead at Pax River

    The intent of this message is to reiterate something that mAlice posted that I really loved, and thought should be repeated. The other thread had been junked up with people with pitchforks decimating this man for his actions, and I want to turn the thread back into what I intended in the...
  17. BadGirl

    Why do shoes fart?

    Or better yet, why do some shoes make a farting noise when you walk? They are good quality shoes (maybe in the $75-$100 range per pair), not some cheap Wal-Mart or Payless crap. And, smartazzes, it's the shoe, not me. :ohwell: I just bought a new pair of shoes, and I just noticed that...
  18. BadGirl

    Happy, happy birthday, Bob!

    :smoochy: :love: :kiss: :huggy: :smoochy: :love: :kiss: :smoochy: Happy birthday, my love. :bdaycake:
  19. BadGirl

    Bertha, don't cha' come around here any mo'
  20. BadGirl

    Would it be rude?

    To point out to the woman that you're talking to, that she needs to shave or bleach her mustache? I am not even sure if she knows she has one, but trust me, it is there. It's SO THERE that I'm thinking that this woman doesn't own a mirror. How could she not know that it is there...