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    What's going on? ... ☕:jet:
  2. withrespect

    Oh, what fresh HELL am I living in?!!?

    Allow me to tell you about my GLORIOUS morning. And, I’m using glorious as a synonym for REALLY REALLY ****ed up. :mad: Well, what got the ball rolling was the fact that my stupid phone died in the middle of the night so I woke up an hour late. :jameo: I fell asleep on the couch last night...
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    A Day in the Life of WR #4762784

    So… I wasn’t going to tell this story because, well, it is embarrassing and makes me look like a bad driver. :ohwell: But, I digress. I was at Sheetz the other day… :jameo: and for those of you that don’t know me, I have a crippling fear of gas stations. :frown: I always feel like I...
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    Sometimes I can't believe this is my life...

    I just gotta say something if I could just say something, here. :twitch: Morning started like any other morning... I wake up angry because of being jolted awake by the sound on my ****ing cell phone... I chose the loudest and most obnoxious so I would be sure to get out of the damn bed... it...
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    Merry ChrismaHannuKwanzikas... and such. :coffee: I know... You're offended.... :jameo:
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    The Canteloupe...

    My husband has been away all week. When he got home last night at 9:45-ish, I was shampooing my son's carpet. When I explained to him WHY I was shampooing the carpet so late, he laughed hysterically. :mad: ANYWAY, I figured since I haven't shared a story in a while, I would vent here...
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    What I have just discovered is going to BLOW YOUR DAMN MIND... :jameo: . . . . . . So... You know that stupid f*cking joke that people tell you when you are a kid... "Why did the Turtle cross the road?............. To get to the other side!" and I'm always like :eyebrow: THIS JOKE...
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    Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

    OMG this shiit is AMAZING! :cds: I look like I am wearing fake eyelashes.... I need to go buy MORE...:jameo: Every time I really like something, it gets discontinued. :jameo:
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    ...and just where the hell are you today? :tap:
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    After Yesterday, I Need Therapy.....

    SO. Bubba starts Kindergarten this year and yesterday was his school physical at the doctor's office. He was missing two shots and my *darling* fiancé (:mad:) made the mistake of telling him about the shots a week before hand so I have been dealing with the child's anxiety about the shots ever...
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    I find it funny....

    I find it funny...Not really funny-"ha-ha" but, funny-"queer"... that after I post a passive-aggressive statement when finding out a very close ... almost "bestest" ::duh: friend of mine has been talking about me behind my back...SO MANY PEOPLE :jameo: send personal messages thinking this...
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    I have an app on my phone called "Wish." I have ordered so much for so cheap that it is ridiculous. I got a set of 20 make-up brushes for $3.00 and they came in the mail within a week. I have also ordered halter tops, bath bombs, sun dresses, eye shadow, mascara and more. I have been pleased...
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    ...My divorce hearing is this morning...

    Wish me ####ing luck. :coffee:
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    What's your favorite candy?

    I think mine is a Hershey's Symphony bar... :drool: I'm hungry for something sweet. :coffee:
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    Tuesday Tread

    Hope everyone is having a good morning. :coffee:
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    I swear to GOD my ex and I can't have a civil conversation to SAVE OUR ####ING LIVES. :mad: I'm in a bad mood now. :SLAM: *opens door* :SLAM: :SLAM: :SLAM:
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    Self Consciousness

    ex-husband has a new girlfriend. A blonde bombshell who is getting ready to get DD implants. We went to a Wine and Design last week and I can honestly say I have never been so self-conscious in all my life. I felt frumpy and just downright inferior. FML. :mad:
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    My facebook feed is nothing but political ranting bullshiit. :cds:
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    What is your hair type? Thick? Thin? Wavy? etc... What kind of shampoo & conditioner do you use? My hair is thin but frizzy (because I had it permed and now blow dry it straight again because the perm wasn't working for me) so I am looking for suggestions on something that will help...
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    Ever have a weird craving

    For a strange food at a strange time? I'm have a Cup Noodle for breakfast because 'Murica. :coffee: