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    Know anyone quitting over the Federal Employee vaccine mandate?

    Looks like it will be prime time on USAjobs here soon at PAXR for people that got the vaccine.
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    Madness at Nicolletti's Pizza

    Recorded this 15 min before 4pm (when the deal started). The line went to Popeye's. Apparently it's now past Target. $10 for a pie, cash only. Please note I never took my eyes off the road evident by my braking long before the vehicle before me slowed down to a stop. I recorded blind by...
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    What neighborhoods in SOMD have Verizon FIOS?

    Is there any way to check besides manually putting addresses in on Verizon's website to see if it's available in the area? I know the "luxury" apartments behind BJs has FIOS, but I am not sure where else it is available. ABB is so bad that when I move I am deliberately avoiding their service...
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    House cleaning services

    Any recommendations on house cleaning services? I want to get an approx 2000 square feet property (2/3 carpet 1/3 wood) cleaned from top to bottom in St.Mary's including kitchen and bathrooms. All I really know about is Servpro. Any idea how much something like this costs? Any experiences with...
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    Base closed, admin leave

    Stay safe on your beer runs.
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    Tips on choosing a doctor?

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to read. A little background: I grew up in a military family and healthcare was always a no brainer because I just had to go to the clinic on base and get whatever I needed taken care of. Now that I'm out on my own I'm a little confused on the best way to choose...
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    Reservations open at Chik-Fil-A; new sandwich

    Chick-fil-A - Reserve A Spicy Chicken Sandwich Lots of reservations are still open for our local restaurant. Seems like a good opportunity for people to meet up and get some free food.
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    Currency Exchange

    Anyone know of a place in Lexington Park (or nearby) that exchanges currency, specifically Euros? Have 80 or so left over from a trip a few years back and could use the extra cash. Only bank nearby that would do it the last time I called around is BoA but I'd need an account there. I'm...