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    Ancestry vs Myheritage

    Never used one of these sites. Is it like a dating site? Just pay $100 more this month and we'll let you know which relative was mentioned in the 1860 Indiana Census.
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    The Democrats’ War on Gas Stoves Is a Slap at Cooking Cultures

    On the one hand, you get what you vote for. On the other, this is for utility scale natural gas. They can still get a propane tank and do it themselves.
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    In-N-Out joins America

    I was never a huge fan of their burgers (super greasy buns), but I appreciate that they are one of the few chain restaurants that have kept up the quality and service and don't implement gimmicks (other than animal style I guess). They're actually a pretty old company. I remember the town I...
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    “Chicago’s little Napoleon in pants suits.”

    So what did you do with her after you summoned her?
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    Pig kidney transplant successfully tested on deceased woman

    Must have been only mostly dead if the patient could still make urine.
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    I thought "breakthrough" infections were rare?

    Relatives on the west coast still send me pictures of steaks they pick up on sale. Safeway and Ralphs routinely doing boneless porterhouse for $5.99/lb or NY Strip and T-Bones for $4.99. Why does California get the beef deals, they have a lot of cattle but not more than Texas or Florida.
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    Colin Powell

    Would have been awesome if it did. You're telling me this vaccine cures parkinson's and leukemia too, hot damn.
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    St. Mary's Co. Lekuarius Clifford Plater Wanted for Escape

    This is the posting of the escape of Lekuarius Escape of Lekuarius.
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    Just another day for an Uber driver..

    Did they put that camera on him? I assume it is his camera, used to cover his ass when he has bad passengers.
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    Biden administration struggles to fix ailing supply chain

    Autonomous trucks require two drivers (attendants, whatever) when regular trucks only need one? Sounds like a job creating solution. When can we get our autonomous cabs with two cabbies for twice the stink?
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    Biden administration struggles to fix ailing supply chain

    I once had one leg of my Southwest flight cancelled stranding me in Colorado springs for a day. They "cancelled for weather", meanwhile every other aircraft took off that day from Southwest and the other carriers (I know, I sat there and watched while I was trying to go standby). The lady at...
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    Colin Powell has died

    What do you have to live for, huh? Powell>> To blave, about WMDs.
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    This Week's "It Won't Take A Moment"

    Remember the TCM description for this film:
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    Old things found around the house

    I know there's a joke here about your assortment of lubes, pastes, and items with the word grind.
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    COVID vax does not stop infection

    Phew, dodged that bullet. So who would have been the lucky man?
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    Florida Rate Of COVID Infections Third Lowest In U.S. In Last Week

    To be fair, I believe our local veterans convalescent facility hasn't had any new cases in weeks/months. After everyone has already been infected and recovered or died your not likely to have high transmission rates.
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    The Great Orator speaks

    I saw him on a talk show a few years back, when he stated he wouldn't be running for president (had to make way for Hillary). At the time I didn't really know much about his political past or his kids. He appeared to be personable, quick witted, well spoken, and "poised". I thought he would have...
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    The Great Orator speaks

    4-D Chess, doing it just to upset the conservatives. It all makes perfect sense.
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    COVID vax does not stop infection

    I would suspect a good number of those who don't want the vaccine also didn't care for and/or completely ignored the limited gathering, lockdown, and masks efforts. I.E. the ones who are supposed to be superspreaders.