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  1. SamSpade

    Sinema Independent?

    So if she declares herself independent - which is probably her only chance at re-election - what happens to the Senate? Does she have to declare who she caucuses with?
  2. SamSpade

    Next to ALDI?

    So what are they building?
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    In a nutsehll - what does it ACTUALLY do? Is it some kind of organizing software that allows me to look at stuff across streaming services? So I don't have to log in and out of services to find my shows? Is that what it does?
  4. SamSpade

    No Shutdown

    That's all.
  5. SamSpade

    So what happens if - the vaccine NEVER "wipes out" COVID?

    It's becoming increasingly more evident that the vaccines only ever provide limited, short-term immunity. It is never eradicated. That would tend to erase all the memes where people are fervently urged to be vaccinated, because other diseases which have ravaged the planet are all but...
  6. SamSpade

    Psaki Doesn't Get How the World Works REPORTER: I want to ask you about what Republicans are pointing to in the analysis...
  7. SamSpade

    Mobile Hotspot

    What's the best way to get wi-fi for a laptop, where there might not be any existing wi-fi? I have an old deactivated Jetpack which I could reactivate. I think there are dongles that exist primarily as wi-fi pickups specifically FOR laptops. Also - is there a way to get one for short term? I...
  8. SamSpade

    Biden Articles of Impeachment

    These are going nowhere. I think we've entered a new era of politics where vain efforts to dislodge an elected official will ALWAYS result in the opposition seeking to unseat them by recalls or articles of impeachment. I'm not a lawyer nor do I pretend to be one - as almost every political...
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    To me - EVERYTHING about Milley is worthy of condemnation. From the calls to China to the drone strike comments - the man deserves to be booted from the Army. It remains to be see if he deserves a firing squad. But he has his supporters...
  10. SamSpade

    Lunches paid for?

    Not that I am complaining - as long as any kid of mine is in school, there is ALWAYS something I have to reach into my pocket and pay MORE for. When it was elementary school there was always a field trip. Pre-school we had to constantly replenish their supply of snacks and tissues. But I...
  11. SamSpade

    Bluetooth for TVs

    I've been looking up devices for attaching to TVs which don't have Bluetooth (which is pretty much all of them) so I can use wireless headsets to the TV. Besides at night - or when wife wants to sleep - there are definitely times when I'd like to hear it and cancel out everything ELSE in the...
  12. SamSpade

    Fix is in Now you'd think if a man is way up in the polls, it's really not necessary to cheat. I am beginning to think the ONLY WAY to force the Dems to the table about voting fraud - is to announce - and...
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    The number one reason among Latinos and African Americans - the two demographics most reluctant to get the jab - Is they don't trust government. Hispanics, partly because they don't trust the government will not abuse the information they disclose - and African Americans, because the...
  14. SamSpade

    It's the Economy, Stupid

    I was having a chat session with a very old friend (in the sense that we have been friends for a long time). He brought up a mutual acquaintance, a woman (then a girl) who was a neighbor of ours and who often comments on his somewhat right of center views. They're beyond shrill and idiotic and...
  15. SamSpade

    Steel Staircase

    When the house I live in was built - several houses up and down the street were built, all similar models - and most of them have a steel staircase leading to the garage. One neighbor yanked his and replaced it with a spiral stair, to better make use of the stairwell space. I'd really like to...
  16. SamSpade

    Weapons left behind WHY was it so necessary to leave SO MUCH behind - and to one of the most brutal regimes we've encountered? Was it SO...
  17. SamSpade

    Start/Stop System

    For those unfamiliar, a lot of newer cars have this feature where it stops the car if it thinks it's idling too long - like, say, at a stop light. It's more like on standby, but it can be a little strange. Frankly I don't like it at all, and my car DOES have the ability to turn it off - but it...
  18. SamSpade

    OTA antennas

    I keep wondering IF I can ever try to get TV over the air - you know, SOME concoction of antenna or boosters or something that can actually pick up - well - anything. Has anyone ever had any luck getting TV from an antenna? I would prefer not to mount outdoors, but I now have a completely free...
  19. SamSpade

    Store Brand vs. Name Brand

    I've always known that sometimes - the store brand IS a name brand - just in different packaging. What I don't understand is, why would a manufacturer EVER make a cheaper competitor to its own brand? I get that sometimes, it's because a store - like, say, ALDI or Dollar General - might NOT...
  20. SamSpade

    SCOTUS the threat to Democracy Did you read that and thought it would be SATIRE? I did. Then I read it. Damn.