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    Your just an arse stiring up crap.;.you dont own a horse and would know how to stay on if your were bucked.. I think you need to be "f" ucked rather than bucked...:dye: IF you are the local bad guys, invite them to a horsie shoot, and let them do the deed.....:killingme...
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    Westboro Baptist Church

    These wackos have a plan...they have their own family law firm full of family members....they are so good at collecting attorney fees that they make a business of it..... Go look at Wikipedia....and see just how sick they are.... And because they claim to be a "church" gets them off the hook...
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    Crazy Cat!

    Get Ace a Skamper-ramp....HERE :yay:
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    Received my census form, big questions!

    Quit being an arsehole and just answer the questions or trash it...
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    The Ospreys are back spring is on the way

    Been a fan of that opsprey site for many years! If you wnat a good place to talk osprey,,with out all the crap and such from this forum, check out : google Osprey
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    report to health department and state Dept of Ag...they issue the permits to have and sell animals/birds. etc. I feel sorry for the turtles :-(
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    Pregnant dog, vet recommendations

    Why did you breed her? You a top notch breeder AKC lab kennel with a lot of ribbons and all that Dog Show stuff? Does she a AKC pedigree? Is she thata perfect lab that you want to better the breed by making her have puppies? Know how many back yard breeders contribute to the pet...
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    Live Eagle Cam...

    Friends of the Blackwater National Refuge have a camera set up too
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    OMG. Did i just see the last of Bob Ryan?

    I like Bob,,,sat next to him at a celtic concert in Baltimore...great time was had by all!!:buddies:
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    Massive Earthquake In Chile And A Tsumani Warning

    Quick..everyone leave Haiti and go save 8.8 trumps a tiny 7.0!!!! :jameo: And Hawaii got all of a 3 foot buddies :buddies: live there and watched it all happen!!! And there was a surfer off Diamond Head about the time when the wave was due....:killingme
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    Lindsey Vonn.

    do you do downhill and super g or just run you silly yellow bellied chicken mouth? Dont complain unless you have done a few runs on her skis............
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    Sea World won't kill killer whale

    Ya take a mature, sexually active bull orca...stick it in a bath tub of chemically controled water with no fish to chase after or seals to play with and sometimes eat...and teach it to jump to a whistle...and what ya think is gonna happen? Is is gonna be a happy orca? nope... Dont...
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    Laptop assist

    Not to listen to me and to go and talk with someone who OWNS any of these as I am the last person she should talk to as I dont know squat..!!!!:killingme
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    For the Birds

    The bird in the background does not belong there and detracts from your picture.. I deleted your pic from my PC after running it thru PhotoShop... Hope you dont mind the tweeking....
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    For the Birds

    Not too bad.. try this..crop and twek the color and saturation...
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    GO Appollo OhnO!!

    Koreans cheat every time...Apolo should have had Gold....Listen to his interview about the Koreans and how hard it is for the officals to determine if they are "team skating" or not.....Boo Hiss to the Koreans... YEA Apolo!!! GO Team USA!!!!:yahoo:
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    How infected can a computer get?

    Take away power cord..that will keep idiot kid off computer....:coffee:
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    Does anyone care about the Winter Olympics?

    :yahoo: GO TEAM USA!!!:buddies:
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    Anyone else hurt themself from all this snow?

    Stupid is as stupid does.... If you dont know how to shovel.. ( lift with your knees, small amounts ) you deserve what ya get...and no pity from anyone....
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    I always thought charity started at home

    You one of those welfare peps with their hand out asking for more free stuff...again???? You living in a tent in a tropical zone with no toilet or running water? If ya dont get must be a joke or your momma's mistake... :shrug: