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  1. jrt_ms1995

    Damned Murlinders

    Oh, my god! You're so f**king funny, Vrai! 😂
  2. jrt_ms1995

    Zoos are RACIST, ya'll!

    How'd you get in after closing time?
  3. jrt_ms1995

    Terry McAwful's new commercial

    So, the dick was a dick? ;)
  4. jrt_ms1995


    Oxymoron. But your other two points are valid.
  5. jrt_ms1995

    Crabs Knocked Out of Playoffs in Heartbreaking Loss

    Must be fate! 👰 🤵
  6. jrt_ms1995

    Biden's America

    Why not? Unless you bathe in it, it doesn't cause cancer, no matter what a jury of "your peers" "feels".
  7. jrt_ms1995

    Salad dressing

    Air-whipped petroleum distillation by-product.
  8. jrt_ms1995

    Has anyone actually run off the bridge in a car?

    I'm not sure that would be much help; stupid reproduces too quickly!
  9. jrt_ms1995

    Kyle, why haven't you posted this?

    And still Gilligan employs you; what a (maybe) guy!
  10. jrt_ms1995

    Shell Answer Books

    I do.
  11. jrt_ms1995

    Kyle, why haven't you posted this? I'm a hirsute germophobe tater tot who can't spell for crap!
  12. jrt_ms1995

    Eating the food I have before I buy more

    Some people just don't have a refined sense of taste.
  13. jrt_ms1995

    what song are you listening to?

    Once again I'm not listening to any song. :sad:
  14. jrt_ms1995

    Next to ALDI?

    Does it still stink of cardboard?
  15. jrt_ms1995

    Attack Submarine USS Connecticut Suffers Underwater Collision in South China Sea

    Collided with a PLAN sub in a game of chicken? Or maybe ran into one of those new "islands"?
  16. jrt_ms1995

    Eating the food I have before I buy more

    Sounds just like my wife.
  17. jrt_ms1995

    Eating the food I have before I buy more

    Don't bother with all these things! Just drain the ramen and then mix in a can of King Oscar sardines. A little freshly ground pepper on top and 'voila!', an excellent lunch that will also keep the spouse away!
  18. jrt_ms1995

    A Blast from the Past

    Oh, quick, call the safety Nazis! There're no air bags or seat belts on that contraption and everyone is helmetless!!! OMG!
  19. jrt_ms1995

    CNN Censors an Entire Continent: Restricts Australians from Accessing Facebook Pages

    But now Aussies can't ream CNN a new one in the comments and visit FB jail. BTW, wth is up with Australia lately? Pandemic fascism and making one entity liable for another's comments? Turning into Kiwis or something?